Monday, August 28, 2006

Back in Israel, in the Land of the Lonely and the Suffocating.
In the country where nothing encourages me and everyone seems distant and unfamiliar.
In the place where ordinary things are worse than plain.
And good things never work out.
And strangeness is common.


Anonymous said...

that is not the way to start
a thing is what you turn it to be...

good things always work out if you approach them in the right way
and love is the most common thing around you but you are running away from it (if you havent noticed)
and the common strangeness its strange to u only

and can i ask: what did encourage you there in america?

Bz:) said...
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Bz:) said...

leaving america- where you can suffocate from all your cars and money, where you can be with a hundred people- and still be alone. where you can come to work and everyone is unfamiliar. where you encourage yourself by putting others down. where ordinary things arn't appreciated.
where love is everywhere- in the magazines and the tv shows- but not enough at home...
leaving the land of the free- and everyone is a slave to something.

love here isnt scarce. it comes out when its needed.
people here and have an opinion about every tiny little thing. they are sure they know better than everyone about everything. but thats just because they care so much.
and so do we.

*Miriam* said...

i took out the "love is scarce" cuz the anonymous person was right, it is common. and may i ask who u are? and why u think im running away from it?