Wednesday, August 30, 2006

last night I hung out with yoni and amy and yonatan... which means mainly yonatan since you know how it is... and we listened to music and drew pictures to go with the songs and they came out pretty weird, yonatan's were nice, i like them. And then I got home at about midnight but couldn't fall asleep until about 4 in the morning, and i was thinking of staying up all night but then i would be tired and at some point i just fell asleep... and then i remember i was dreaming of these really cool boys names and i was writing the names on top of a paper and i was thining of the name "Trevice" or "Trever" or something and my mom was telling me the name of a movie and i was about to write the movie down when all of a sudden I heard the sound my phone makes when i get an sms. so, with my eyes half shut i reached for my phone and i got 4 sms's in a row and i was like "whoa" and then i wrote back to yon and asked if i can go back to sleep thats when they said they love me lol it was interesting... but anyway i fell right back asleep and woke up at like 1 in the afternoon but im still tired. and yonatan wrote about me on his blog yay

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*Miriam* said...

Well, no one wrote a comment in a while on my blog so I'm just gonna write my own comment. I got iron-on paper (to iron prints onto a T-shirt) so i'm having fun with that and i already made a really cute T-shirt.