Wednesday, August 23, 2006

So far this trip I've covered Florida, Massachusets, New York, Ontario, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. We've still got Pensylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and West Virginia.
In the car again. It's 7:34 (Tuesday night), we've been driving for five hours, we have 5 more till we stop for tonight in an inn in Pensylvania (that'll be about 12 midnight). Early tomorrow morning we're off to Washington, D.C.
The Sarah McLachlan CD is playing in the car, my mom driving, Benjy drinking Coca Cola, me typing, everyone sitting around talking or doing whatever. And the country is beautiful, and it's all we see now. For miles and miles, green streches of land.

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Menachem said...

good to here your having fun..........
i'm going back to school so wont c u wen u come back