Wednesday, September 13, 2006

All of my life is part of a process. I come up with some idea and then later on I realize that was just a small part of a larger idea and it all leads into one heap of concepts I'm trying to tell you all

"and most humans dont even thiunk like me and are dumber and dont think of any higher possible level but just like there are animals under the ocean and we live on earth and the air is also a type of ocean, and theres the sky above, so its all levels and were only one of them, and ppl needa understand that"

-I wrote to Gabi, on an msn convo. I believe so strongly in the words I say.

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*Miriam* said...

And some ppl would say, yeah, that level is god, but still we put ourselves at a very high level, and anyway, I think (I'm not sure) I'm talking about a whole other dimension. The dimension we're in is god, us, and all the things we know, but what about other dimensions? I don't know, maybe god is the other dimension, but if he was we wouldn't even know of it. But I don't believe in a dimension that is not concrete on some level, but I guess if I'm talking about other dimensions, then it would not be in terms of "concrete" or "abstract", it would be something we cannot comprehend.