Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I don't undertsand Yom Kippur. Why do we need to apologise to God? I undertsand that if we see ourselves as bad and wrong then we will be more careful with what we do and we won't destroy the world so easily, but why the hell would God care what we do with the world? Okay, so he wants us to keep it nice and whole, but why does he want us to be nice to people? What does he care if we are hurt or killed. If he is in another dimension then why does he take into consideration things that are 100000 time less than him. It seems weird that he would be interested in us, as if it's only god and us in the world, yeah right. As if the ruler of the world would have us be second to highest.

And it's wrong to have people be born into a certain religion, because then we are not objective about it. And when I asked religious ppl certain questions about religion that don't make sense sometimes they say "you're right; That's a good point" well shit it is, but the reason they didn't think about it is cuz they were born into this, so they don't really need to think about it.


Anonymous said...

honey-jus do what God says and keep ur lil mouth shut.Didnt ur mama teach u not to question ur superiors?just do the fucking fast.JUST DO IT.

*Miriam* said...

Whoa man that would be such a wrong thing to do (2 shut up and do it) you gotta udnertsand everything you're doing. questioning gets us closer to reality