Friday, September 22, 2006

If Benjy lived in Israel everything would be so much better. I'm torm between the good and the better, or the bad and the worse and I don't know which is which.

Hanging, waving through hazy skies
Catching onto dusty clouds
Melo stars
A risky moon.
Something is missing
Every step is a misconception
Every breath is out of place.
Pulse that rises
Blood rushes,
But in the end-
The ground is far-
My feet at a distance.
A distance from what?
-I do not know.
But I know that things are buried away
And other things are too different to let out
Because the backdrop isn't matching
And the props are a discomfort
And the actors are pretending
And the music rises
But the world is away.
Tucked away,
Beneath ashes of strangeness
And you lose things
Just to find them in the wrong places
And you find things
Because they were never meant to be there,
Because nothing was.
And is this it or is that it?
Is none it? Is it so far
That my mind is lost?
Is this love?
Passion fights for the right moments,
But they can never come
When the little things are terrible mistakes.
Dreams release us
Into a fake ecstacy
Into a life of hypocrisy
And hatred
And shame.

And this is not how it's meant to be

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