Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Poem of the moment:
Seducing Discriminated
thoughts Back into my head
Forcing the unwanted to come.
Waiting for my feet to stand still, shivering,
even though the sun appears to be Right Here.
Piercing the normality of human rights and desires.
Mending together the pieces of observed love.
Watering sick branches.
Tending dead gardens.
Waiting for grass to grow upside down.
Earth to be above, Sky below.
Oceans from heaven, waves falling from the clouds.

I'm going to make a blog or website of my poetry. Hopefully soon, because all the words are tearing the seams of tolerance and I need somewhere to put them.
I need a place for words.

Someone inspired me to start writing poetry again,
And I'm thanking you, becasue it brought out all the things I don't know how to express otherwise.

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*Miriam* said...

Look at these pics, aren't they just awesome?
hehe I'm good