Wednesday, September 27, 2006

(Read my comment to this post- it's the post of the next day just as a comment cuz I didn't feel like making it a post)

I LOVE learning new words. I just learned the word Vertigo, thanks to, hehe Thanks Benjy! It's great to have a bigger assortment of words to choose from when I'm writing poetry and when I want to sound smart :-)
Today I felt so special so many ppl wanted to sit next to me and it made me so happy
Thanks yon for writing on your blog! I havta go back and read it again.
Last night at Gan Sacher- surprise b-day party for Yoni and Natanel. So much fun, so many people.
I got back my math test today, didn't fail. :-) I got the passing grade, like the grade that is JUST passing, that's cool, though, cuz I didn't fail! And I'm staying in that group.
I miss seeing Anna every day now.
Jerusalem is getting boring, I miss the Kinneret. The water, the waves.
One good thing about J-M, though, is that it's very photogenic. You know, the crevices of the stones, the scratchy sidewalks, the vintageous feeling that comes out even on photos, the antique look.
Today was a shitty day at school but somehow it wasn't so shitty! Like, all the classes were annoying ones, but somehow I managed to keep myself happy being happy and hyper and talking a lot and telling people about different countries (-a topic that i LOVE) and taking tons of pics with my new phone and looking at them over and over again (I LOVE looking at photos for the lognest time)

I'm the type of person who goes up to attics and finds all sorts of old things. I'm into that stuff. That's how I discovered about 1,000 wonderful photos and photos of my parents from way back, a scrapbook my mom made when she was 9, all sorts of nostalgic beauty.

There's something really special about bringing back forgotten things.

Whoa, seems like i LOVE a lot of things, lol, I guess that's how it should be with my favorite things (geography, photos, nostalgia, water...)

U know, life is good when you think about.

Don't worry Anna, we'll all cross our fingers, it'll happen! I promise


Leenie ;-) said...

Hey, this was a really fun post 2 read..
I LOVE Jerusalem.
It's like 4:00am now, just got back from JM... The cake was really yummy! Yeah, I think I'm gonna go 2 sleep now, hmm?

*Miriam* said...

Wow, there's so much to say all of a sudden, but I don't want to post another post for now, so I'm writing it as a comment. Anyway, last night we were in JM and being at the Kotel wasn't that amazing at all, but what was fun was Marine's b-day and the cake! And it was so fun the whole time I was smiling (no clue why) but I was just really happy!

My dad decided to take the MP3 phone but he said if he doesn't use the MP3 that much, he'll switch phones with me (I REALLY want to - that phone is soo amazing!)

Anyway, It's Thursday today, didn't go to school cuz I woke up at 11:30 and anyway we don't have English class (the teacher couldn't come or something) so we would hardly be learning anything. I like staying home from school

Not in the mood to write any poetry now.

Izzy's coming for Shabbat? And we're all eating at Sarit's? Not sure. But anyway, it'll be fun. And tonight needs to be fun cuz I don't really have any HW to do so I havta hang out with ppl!

My brother's already at Mt. Rushmore (South Dakota. That's pretty much the north-center of the US, south of North Dakota) and it's been about two a half weeks since he started from the NY area.

I came up with a definition of Freedom that I'm happy with -

Being able to run without having to worry about when you'll have to stop and where you'll have to end.

(Run not just physicially I mean run in any aspect)

Have a nice day everyone!

*Miriam* said...

NAY, I forgot to say that also the song It's a Beautiful Day by Lighthouse Family is REALLY nice you should listen to it