Monday, September 11, 2006

Shabbat in Chashmonaim, that was the funnest Shabbat I've had in years (except for the one in Florida this summer...) But wtvr, I loved it I was so happy, I was so myself and I was FREEEEEEE!!!
The edge of the world where eternity becomes mortality and love becomes insanity. Where the oak is sore and the trees sway in the chaotic heaven I call love.

Dream on, Dream Always.

Jungle Life
(From today. Officially from Sep14, thursday)

More than just Liberty.
Because Liberty is the term that pulled us down when we were prosperous.
And enough with Peace,
Because Peace is what caused every single reason for war in the world.
And I want more than Love-
Because Love is just what people like to call the Escape from this Dangerous Life.
And I don't like Joy,
Becasue Joy is when you have to contain yourself and not let go of what you want to lose.

What I want is More Liberal and more Peaceful and More Loving and more Joyous than anything.
What I want is something beyond the shallow human standards.
I want the ideal.
The eternal Dream that people think of but don't know how to realize.
That abstract wish in everybody's mind.
The adventure.
The unthinkable and the unspeakable and the unimaginable.
I want to let myself go.
I want to feel the Life.


Oberon said... do good things.....don't stop.

*Miriam* said...

wow, this poem is so damn good lol

Zack said...

it really is..reminds me how i feel every day of my life.