Friday, September 29, 2006

This night was fun. It was last night. Just sitting in Yonatan's room watching and listening to the music. I love being in that room. What did we call it last year? The "boredom room" but it's not like that anymore. This is me with the guitar, my nails are too long to play it. Nati had to leave early no fair :-(

Then we started watching Brother Bear, but I had to leave b4 it was over. I love watching movies by Yonatan's. we didn't do it in ages.

I love this pic, that I just HAD to put it on my blog. Sometimes I get jealous of myself, it's weird, but anyway I hope you all like the pic too!


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Anonymous said...

could you let me know the sentence,
you once wrote under your title,
which came from 'lake house'