Friday, September 01, 2006

We were just at the beach and it was so much fun! Next time I'll havta remember to bring a bathing suit... lol!
And yes Yon DOES have a six-pack even though he denies it.
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I hate how the guys are so embarassed to be without a shirt like what's the big deal? Anyway most of them have good bodies (or 6-packs that they won't admit they have...) SO they like swim out really deep so no one can see them and then they're liek all out there and far awat and secluded and we can't even talk to them if we want to. But it really fun being just a bunch of girls togetehr too... We were like trying not to get too deep cuz we were wearing normal clothes but then once we got soaked we figured 'what the hell' and went all the way in (almost).
And BZ released balloons into the air, which is the thing she's always wanted to do, and it was so amazingly amazing. And sorry BZ the photos I took didn't come out good.
This was in general really fun and...

(photos coming soon)

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Shadow_Fox said...

i dont have a 6 pack...