Monday, October 30, 2006

My life is concrete.
Because once it's all on paper, it's real.
It's there.
Not just in my mind or in someone else's mind or even in the whole world's mind.
It hasta be written with ink on paper.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Raindrops on my head :-)

I'll never forget the rain.
Last night.
Sometimes when you talk about something too much or write about something so much it makes it not special anymore so I don't wanna tell everything becuz it was one of the best Friday nights ever.
It's one I'll never forget.
Pouring, with the fresh smell that I love so much.
A Freedom Smell.
My Nature is My Home!
And Friday night as it is is such a special time, eating around the table and just the whole Shabbat feeling.
So when it was pouring,
Beautiful raindrops landing on our earth
I ran out.
And I looked up and just smelled the air.
And I ran around the street
And I thought about how happy I was.
And how wonderful it was.
And how miraculous and beautiful and utterly dreamy it was.
And it still is.
Cuz I still remember it
And I came home soaked like i just took a shower
Like how all those sexy ppl look in movies with their hair all wet
and their clothes sopping with the natural

Friday, October 27, 2006

Everything is an art. And Until you master it, something is missing.
Just lay there, parallel to the wondrous sky and the wet grass -- sandwiched between beauty and more beauty. In the middle of a vast plot of earth, two people, four eyes.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

YAY :-)

It's funny how the posts I write and the comments to the posts are like two different worlds. It's like, everytime I want to write something I think, wait, which does this belong to? Am I mixing both regions? I'ts like keeping screts from different people of the same thing but each person knows it a bit different and you have to remember each time "Is it okay if I say this or is it part of the other world"?

ANYWAY, tonight was one of the best Thursday nights ever. A bit of a whole crazy running-around thing, but that was the whole fun. Not just running around, but also like running in the street, NOT cool! You run in the street, I'll run in the street too. You think I'll watch u get hit w/out being hit tooo??? No, nobody worry, no one was hit, I'm jus ta bit paranoid.
Ice cream on a cold day. Yum
Barefoot on a cold day. Perfect
Freezing on a cold day. Good
Only a bit or rain was missing, but that's ok. The water on the grass at Gan Sacker made up for it, my shoes are soaked.

I keep feeling like I'm not paying as much attention to yon as I used to. I owe him big time for this.
I love being with u Yon ur an awesome friend! Don't ever forget that!
Just sometimes I forgot the important things, and I shouldn't. You're important, can't forget you.

And N you already know I love u so I don't needa write a whole long thing.
And Shayna was so cool tonight! So was everyone else. Yoni was so nice :-), everyone was great. Lots of fun.

I gotta go write a whole long letter and then go to sleep cuz its almost 1:30 in the morning... tired....

Gnite pals!


P.S. Yon is Yonatan. Just to clear that up for Yoni

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I love the rain
I just wrote this on Avital's blog, and then I realized how nice it is:
I love that smell. It's the best seasonal smell. This is my favorite time of year. Cold and damp, maybe even some mud, raindrops tapping on our dried up surfaces, and in our hearts. They moisten our emotions and we begin to feel again.
The smell is so fresh and wonderful, that you just know, My Nature is My Home.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sometimes I want to scream to all those things holding me back, "SET ME FREE!"
Life is tricking me. I'm on a TV screen. People are laughing at me wondering why I'm starting to realize that the world is fake.

Monday, October 23, 2006

siete sulla mia mente

Crossing Paths

People don't do enough.

We use a small percentage of our brains, so we got today to where we are.
But where are we? Not that far.
Imagine all of our intelligence, development and knowledge, who we are today, and everything we got up to till now, was fulfilled by the time we were 6 months old, not 16. If everything until now were smooshed into a much shorter period of time, imagine how far we would be by the time we we were 16. By now, we would be where we will be at the age of 1,000,000, we would understand other dimensions, we would be higher than the human brain is capable of doing, but since we won't reach that age, and we don't have a high intelligence, we die without much.
All we really have is Love.
That's what keeps us alive.
But we don't get far.
We get little.
But in that little is a lot.
But not enough.


"Wtvr u say it's alright, wtvr u do, it's all good" -Cafe Del Mar

I get jealous a lot, but then I guess everyone does they just don't admit it.

I'm imprisoned in the world of words, in the art of laying down my thoughts on paper. It's a trap.

Freedom is about being able to run without worrying when you'll have to stop and where you'll have to end

Didn't go to school today, don't feel well and we hardly learn anything anyway.
I'm going to eat now.]

Friday, October 20, 2006

Free Hugs !!!

"Go ahead tell me you'll leave again, you'll just coming back running... And I'll take you for who you are, if you'll take me for everything..."

We walked around the midrechov with Free Hugs signs and people started coming over and giving everyone a hug and taking pictures in hugs and then we even heard other ppl giving out Free Hugs to ppl. And ppl were talking about us and ppl were saying we were doing an amazing thing, and we made ppl happy, and ppl got hugs.
Lots of ppl.
We started out with one sign, then we made more. All of us had a sign (well, some of us shared signs lol) it was only a piece of paper but we wrote on it Free Hugs and ppl got all interested and wanted to hold up signs, too.
We're going to continue this.
And we're going to make people happy.

Monday, October 16, 2006

bacio sotto il luna



All the colors correspond with the colors in back of them, they blend together to create our reality.

When you look around you and see the colors laying one on the other, it eases your mind and creates a solid screen of beauty.

What people fear is sadness. They fear losing control, which will lead to sadness. When you're scared it's because you are afraid of being sad, when you lose someone you're sad because you're thinking about all the times in the future that you'll want them but won't be able to have them, but it's not actualy sadness, it's the Fear of Sadness.


Someone asked me "How can you miss him if you just saw him?" Well lemme tell you something, that is Why I miss him! If I didn't see him in a long time I wouldn't rememebr what I'm missing

Fly Away Now

She stopped writing not when she had all these mega explanations for it, but when it simply started melting away.

Don't Forget Me

Thursday, October 12, 2006

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I need to quit school and write my novel that I'm planning on finishing by the end of the year.
I sit in the four-walled room, imprisoned in the teacher's blabbing, thinking to myself "WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HERE?!?!?!?!"
Not the place for me.
I need to get a job so that I can backpack the world after highschool.
I believe that there is a god - or some other-dimensional power - but we do not need to worhip it.

the deepest things come on the thinnest sheets of paper
Wind, Follow Me!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

This Shabbat was one of the funnest I've had!

At about 3:30, after reading more of the book The She (by Carol Plum-Ucci) I walked in the swealtering heat to Sarit's house, where she and Izzy were. Then I proceeded on to Yonatan's house, assuming the guys were all there. Well, they were! It was Batzion, Yonatan, Menachem, Joe, Noam and (what's his name? I keep forgetting) Yoel-Yaakov (is that it? wtvr i dont rilly care).

Then Beez had to go to Ezra so it was me and all the guys.

Really great and happy and hyper.

That's basically how it was. We sat most of the time in front of the gate to Yon's house (outside of the gate) I tried to do a pyramid thing on Yon's and Joe's shoulders but they were too tall, hmph i gotta work on that jumping thing.

Anyway, Yon threw my shoes in the tree and we had to find them after, it's so funny when you shake a tree and shoes fall out, it's like Wow why do't we do that more often every time we want a new pair of shoes? lol

Hehe, I loved this Shabbat! Just me and the guys, that's the ideal, that's the goodness of the world. LOL

BTW, all the poetry on this blog not written by someone else is my original art, Don't Copy.