Monday, October 30, 2006

My life is concrete.
Because once it's all on paper, it's real.
It's there.
Not just in my mind or in someone else's mind or even in the whole world's mind.
It hasta be written with ink on paper.


Bz:) said...

isnt it funny what a big part of u this blog is, even though it doesnt really exist? its cyber space, its not material. its so cool. kinda like feelings...

Leenie ;-) said...

On the one hand-- how can u really fit everything onto a sheet of paper?? On the other hand, im starting 2 realize that if I could only have my stream of conciousness written down, everything would make more sense.

*Miriam* said...

I didn't say a sheet of paper, I'm talking about sheets and sheets of papers, and letters and notes and diaries from way back.
All together, they are my history, my life.