Saturday, October 28, 2006

Raindrops on my head :-)

I'll never forget the rain.
Last night.
Sometimes when you talk about something too much or write about something so much it makes it not special anymore so I don't wanna tell everything becuz it was one of the best Friday nights ever.
It's one I'll never forget.
Pouring, with the fresh smell that I love so much.
A Freedom Smell.
My Nature is My Home!
And Friday night as it is is such a special time, eating around the table and just the whole Shabbat feeling.
So when it was pouring,
Beautiful raindrops landing on our earth
I ran out.
And I looked up and just smelled the air.
And I ran around the street
And I thought about how happy I was.
And how wonderful it was.
And how miraculous and beautiful and utterly dreamy it was.
And it still is.
Cuz I still remember it
And I came home soaked like i just took a shower
Like how all those sexy ppl look in movies with their hair all wet
and their clothes sopping with the natural


Joi said...

its cleansing, isnt it? the rain, all over you. it washes everything away. all the dirt from your soul and the callouses from your heart. it gives you a chance to go back, and begin again. brand new.
and the smell- before, during, and after rain. its so fresh. theres no bad side-effects. its all about clean. new. second chances. starting over...

*Miriam* said...

That's a cool way of feeling about the rain, but I feel differently about it. I don't think so much about the whole thing of brand new and starting over and washing away all the bad stuff, becasue there isn't really that much badness to wash away, I think the rain is more about just feeling free and conncected to the earth and the nature, and Love in general.