Monday, October 23, 2006

siete sulla mia mente

Crossing Paths

People don't do enough.

We use a small percentage of our brains, so we got today to where we are.
But where are we? Not that far.
Imagine all of our intelligence, development and knowledge, who we are today, and everything we got up to till now, was fulfilled by the time we were 6 months old, not 16. If everything until now were smooshed into a much shorter period of time, imagine how far we would be by the time we we were 16. By now, we would be where we will be at the age of 1,000,000, we would understand other dimensions, we would be higher than the human brain is capable of doing, but since we won't reach that age, and we don't have a high intelligence, we die without much.
All we really have is Love.
That's what keeps us alive.
But we don't get far.
We get little.
But in that little is a lot.
But not enough.


"Wtvr u say it's alright, wtvr u do, it's all good" -Cafe Del Mar

I get jealous a lot, but then I guess everyone does they just don't admit it.

I'm imprisoned in the world of words, in the art of laying down my thoughts on paper. It's a trap.

Freedom is about being able to run without worrying when you'll have to stop and where you'll have to end

Didn't go to school today, don't feel well and we hardly learn anything anyway.
I'm going to eat now.]


Avital said...

I agree with the fact that each person's brain has the POTENTIAL 2 reach what u said. The problem is, to reach that potential we need 2 use our brains 2 learn 24/7 with no sleep, no rest, everything would have 2 move much faster. I think that it is very hard 2 reach our potential. That doesn't mean that people dont manage it though. And we definitely have room 2 do more and get further in this life- the issue is being self motivated enough, and setting the right goals to get where we want 2 go.

Leenie ;-) said...

If u wanna use all ur potential u have 2 learn everything, and then think up ur own ideas-- about everything, so it's almost impossible... I have all kinds of stuff I wanna do, but I think the best thing 2 do is take complete advantage of everything I'm already doing-- school, gymnastics, the play-- and put as much as I can into those.
Hey, ur also home? I dont think there's anyone in school-- I got a call from Oshrah this morning, she wanted 2 know if I was in school and if we have any classes. If she called me, she probably called all her friends first and didnt get an answer... LoL!!

Anonymous said...

i dont know you well, but i feel like i do, cuz i know so many people like you. you are always complaining about how much ur life sucks, and how the world doesnt understand, and ur trapped.
i have two questions for you. dont answer right away. think about them first:
1- what are you doing to change things?
2- will you EVER be satisfied? really, will you ever be happy, or will you always search to find "more"???

*Miriam* said...

whoa, are u a shrink or something? lol

No, my life does Not suck, and I didn't say that in this post at all. My life is great. You asked "will you ever be happy"? I AM happy. This post has nothign to do with a sucky life or being sad, it hasta do with human potential. It's annoying we don't have that potential. I'm discovering the world through our limitations. Once the limits are clear you gotta just stay enclosed in a box becasue you can't break free. That's what annoys me.

It's not like I need to think about your questions right now, because those are the things I've been thinking about forever. So don't make it sound so deep.

The more I write, the more I doscover and find a way to fight against the imprisonment.

Writing is an art. Until you matser it, something is missing.

I really want to know who you are. Why did you put urself under "anonymous"?

*Miriam* said...

Anonymous person, of course I try to change the fact that the world is unsatisfying, but I can only go so far. I cannot rip the world in half or scream so that they hear me across the world.

*Miriam* said...

It's stuck in my brain and I try to write it out but it doesn't come out right on paper and then ppl udnerstand me wrong. Do you knwo how frustrating that is?

Shadow_Fox said...

Anonymous... nice mask ... ur probably just some fucking stalker guy right????

i dont know u well but i feel like i do cuz i know so many ppl like you... all those gays that have no life.. all they do all day is put Anonymous comments on peoples blogs.. get urself a girl man (unless ur gay, which i think u are)

Anonymous said...

im not shrink and i dont think ur depressed. i DO think u took me seriously cuz u commented so many times.
i dont think u think its cool to be all "i wanna be free". i did at first. but i realized u do want more, but by wanting more ur losing it. ive read ur posts. i have a blog too, and they seem interesting. but u always need to have the BEST time, the GREATEST night. i think ur letting time pass you by becuz u freak out so much about missing the BEST thing in the world.

shadow_fox- are you the boyfriend who learns his vocabulary form tv? fucking. very impressive.
im a girl, and i have a boyfriend. and he has a bigger vocabulary than you. if you wanna protect your girlfriend- help her enjoy life.

about gays- y do u hate them so much? are u insecure? its ok, i know boys who are worried. i hope miriam doesnt mind ur a little confused...

*Miriam* said...

I really have to thank you for taking time to read my posts and commenting on them. I really really appreciate it. And I'm so happy that someone commented with something so smart, I really want to see your blog, can you tell me the url?
I really like getting insight and criticism when it's so real.
Please keep commenting on the posts on my blog. I can really learn a lot from you. My whole blog is really long so the bottom doesn't fit on the page but the beginning is back in February if you want to go back and read it.
And who are you?
You made me really happy now.
Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

hey again.
i havnt read the whole blog, and i suck with details so i dont remember them- but u dont needa thank me. i love reading ur blog. its just frustrates me sometimes. it sounds like things are really great, and yet u still feel trapped.

i dont believe in being trapped. being trapped is a choice a man makes. he chooses to let curcumstances or his mood or what he feels to be the limits of his capabilty take hold of him. he chooses to be sad, and sink deeper and deeper down. he chooses to be disatisfied, annoyed, pissed, angry- and with his choice he ties himself down. im not blaming u or anything- thats how we are...

my blog is screwed up. thats y im on anonymous now. but how about this- ill keep commenting if u keep commenting back. ill call myself ~Joi~ so you know its me.
i dont know if ill have time to read ur whole blog- u seem like a serious blogger- but ill try to keep checking up on ur updates.

im glad i made u happy- but it wasnt me. u chose it. good choice:)

*Miriam* said...

What did I choose? What do u mean "it wasn't me. you chose it. Good choice?"

Joi said...

u chose to be happy.

*Miriam* said...

You taught me a whole new way of looking at some aspects of life.

This is amazing, I gotta tell you.

How old are you?

*Miriam* said...

You said I always try to have the Best time or the Greatest night. I thought you were saying that that's what I SHOULD be doing, but I guess you meant that's what I AM doing, but that I shouldn't. Well, I do think it's important to try to have the Best time ever in everything I do.

Joi said...

of course its important to have the best time. but what im saying is- if you disregard anything that isnt the BEST time, you'll miss out a lot. a life is not made of one or three or ten great events. its made of all the little ones that arn't the most extreme. sometimes the best things are sleepovers, fooling around, telling secrets, running around in the rain, listening to lighting, practicing a piece of music on the instrument you play. i think thats what makes our life perfect. and some may see enjoying that stuff as compromising, settling for less. i believe its taking the fullest advantage of life.
im sorry if i disapointed you...
(if you're still interested, im 16.)

Anonymous said...

I pritty much agree with joi, but it is more than doing the simple things that make you happy, its believing that you are doing the thing that is making you the happiest you can be, for joi its the sleepovers fooling around ect.
it can be anything.
when i say believing its not lieing to yourself u can really believe that, and if u just feel like your lieng to yourself try creating a reality in your head that you are happier, and make it come true.
u can!

*Miriam* said...

I don't see it as a good thing to try and believe that what u do makes u happy, some things just don't make me happy and it's not like I need to reverse around my life to MAKE things hapy. I don't think it's all the little things that make a life perfect, I think it's the big things that happen once in while that make everything worth while. The little things are just to pass the time. Lying to oneself I guess is a big part of this world, but sometimes you shouldn't force yourself to feel something. Sometimes you gotta be like the trees that sway with the wind, and other times u havta be the one controling the wind. Hm, which is better? I donno.

*Miriam* said...

Making yourself believe something is lying to yourself.
You have to believe stuff according to what you feel, not to what you want to feel.

Anonymous said...

u know what i think i think u don't even want to be happy,
it seems like your forcing yourself to be unhappy, and u will disagree with me at first but try asking the people around you, your friends if it does seem like that.
if im wrong it might be because u are writng it that way and thats prob what misled me to think that u are unhappy.
sorry if i am wrong.

Anonymous said...

and what i ment before trying to create a reality
take the things that are bothering you and let them out and u will be able to fix them

*Miriam* said...

Nothing is bothering me.
And I'm not forcing myself to be unhappy.
Because I'm not unhappy.
I'm happy.
I don't know what misled you to think I'm unhappy... Strange.
And who are u may I ask?
All I was saying was that if you TRY to make things happy, then the things that REALLY make you happy won't be as speical anymore. You always havta leave those really special thigns at the top and leave some stuff being not happy so that your top will stay the top. So that your most happy things will always make you happy.

*Miriam* said...

What I was saying was that I don't think anyone should force themselves to believe something.
People should believe according to their innermost feeling, not to outer things that make them change.

*Miriam* said...
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Joi said...
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