Sunday, October 01, 2006

This Shabbat was one of the funnest I've had!

At about 3:30, after reading more of the book The She (by Carol Plum-Ucci) I walked in the swealtering heat to Sarit's house, where she and Izzy were. Then I proceeded on to Yonatan's house, assuming the guys were all there. Well, they were! It was Batzion, Yonatan, Menachem, Joe, Noam and (what's his name? I keep forgetting) Yoel-Yaakov (is that it? wtvr i dont rilly care).

Then Beez had to go to Ezra so it was me and all the guys.

Really great and happy and hyper.

That's basically how it was. We sat most of the time in front of the gate to Yon's house (outside of the gate) I tried to do a pyramid thing on Yon's and Joe's shoulders but they were too tall, hmph i gotta work on that jumping thing.

Anyway, Yon threw my shoes in the tree and we had to find them after, it's so funny when you shake a tree and shoes fall out, it's like Wow why do't we do that more often every time we want a new pair of shoes? lol

Hehe, I loved this Shabbat! Just me and the guys, that's the ideal, that's the goodness of the world. LOL

BTW, all the poetry on this blog not written by someone else is my original art, Don't Copy.


Leenie ;-) said...

Aw, now I wish I was here. But then it wouldn't have been just u and the guyz, so, lol, im glad I didnt rain on ur party. Anyway, I had fun in Chashmo.

Avital said...

Lol sounds like a blast. I also had a blast- i was in a hotel being waited on hand and foot ;)