Friday, October 27, 2006

YAY :-)

It's funny how the posts I write and the comments to the posts are like two different worlds. It's like, everytime I want to write something I think, wait, which does this belong to? Am I mixing both regions? I'ts like keeping screts from different people of the same thing but each person knows it a bit different and you have to remember each time "Is it okay if I say this or is it part of the other world"?

ANYWAY, tonight was one of the best Thursday nights ever. A bit of a whole crazy running-around thing, but that was the whole fun. Not just running around, but also like running in the street, NOT cool! You run in the street, I'll run in the street too. You think I'll watch u get hit w/out being hit tooo??? No, nobody worry, no one was hit, I'm jus ta bit paranoid.
Ice cream on a cold day. Yum
Barefoot on a cold day. Perfect
Freezing on a cold day. Good
Only a bit or rain was missing, but that's ok. The water on the grass at Gan Sacker made up for it, my shoes are soaked.

I keep feeling like I'm not paying as much attention to yon as I used to. I owe him big time for this.
I love being with u Yon ur an awesome friend! Don't ever forget that!
Just sometimes I forgot the important things, and I shouldn't. You're important, can't forget you.

And N you already know I love u so I don't needa write a whole long thing.
And Shayna was so cool tonight! So was everyone else. Yoni was so nice :-), everyone was great. Lots of fun.

I gotta go write a whole long letter and then go to sleep cuz its almost 1:30 in the morning... tired....

Gnite pals!


P.S. Yon is Yonatan. Just to clear that up for Yoni


Yoni said...

yeah last night was really fun...
u missed the funnist stuff.. kobi,tipsi,chavi and i went to the tachana merkazit... and we went next to the food court... and started playing... and then some 19year old girl came and asked us if she can join.. and she took her side flute and started playing with us!!! it was awsome!!!!
and we video taped it too!!! soooo cool
love u mim..
peace out

Leenie ;-) said...

Wow, Yoni-- that sounds so cool!! Who's Kobi?

*Miriam* said...

Kobi is Yakkov