Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ear muffs and nose puffs!

The thing is, all humans have a common denomenator: We all believe it is important to live (it's either life or death, if you're still alive it means you haven't chosen to kill yourself - it means you Do believe it is better to live than to die, no shit).
This common mindset connects us all.
When you walk in the street, in that sense - all the people around you believe the same thing (there's only one reason ppl would believe death is better but still be alive - becuz they want to kill other ppl as if like contributing to Death, like when we believe in something we try to get everyone to go that way, so they would want to kill everyone if they believed death is better).
Everyone around you is different, but the same.
And I try to read deep into their minds, what do they see from where they stand? What are they thinking? Are they wondering what I'm thinking? Do they realize we're all connected in the root of us even though we're all different?
BUT THEN, I realize, I WANT to be completely different. I WANT to have NEW ideas that no one ever came up with before. Most ideas and theories we all have are from things we learned from other people or read in books, and have liked the idea so have taken it upon ourselves. But have we ever really CREATED our OWN theory? A completely original idea that we live by?
Do we follow what others do, even in the tiniest things?
When we look out of a window at a sunset, does our mind soar to different places than anyone else's mind does? Or do we all see the same basic thing and think the same basic things?
I think if we were all more variegated, the world would have progressed faster. But then again, in we don't move all together, and we don't all try to reach the same goal, maybe all the little different goals that people have will leave the world standing right where it is.
I don't know if it's good to belong to a group. If you belong to a group you are prone to be pre-judged or stereotyped. Maybe we should all be individual, but then again, if we each have own own ways, maybe they won't work togetehr and the world will be a catasrophe.
But then again,


Joi said...

i wondered that lately too! (i hope that doesnt ruin this for you... sorry!)
im a beach lover, so. so i was at the beach and at thia incredible high, and then i realized im so kichee. i mean, EVERYONE loves the beach at sunset or early in the morning. what a conformist!
but then i though that the feeling i had then couldnt possibly be cuz of some peer pressure. it was real happiness. so maybe we're all the same. cuz the beach is everyones special place. but its only my special place too. i know thats contradictory, content wise. but life isnt one big english test, so to me, it makes perfect sense:)

*Miriam* said...

Either naturally we all have some sort of sameness in us, or it might be that society teaches us norms of "happiness" or "beauty". But I guess it must be natural, which makes us all the more the same, becuz if it was something social, then at least we CAN be different if we tried, but if it's natural, then well we are all basically the same, as humans, and we will always stay this way.
I wish everyone loved something else, everyone thought in a completely different way, everyone was more unique than they are now. And one of the things I hate about school is that I go in the morning and realize "oh look! 300 other kids are exactly like me this morning!" It's makes me want to live on my own island and forget about all the people who try to be all the same.
Becasue I don't want to be the same.

*Miriam* said...

And then, if it's natural, then we have to try EVEN HARDER to be different. It's liek we have to create a whole new world in our head just to stop ourselves from being like everyone else

Joi said...

lol. i guess im not the person who will change your mind. or atleast help you be less restless about it.
i guess because i was one of the lucky kids who grew up on "we are special in our own way" and barney, i never needed to KNOW i was different. and i know its naive to believe that no one, on a planet of 7 billion people is like me, i still believe it.
or maybe becuz im such a physco, i never came to school thinking im like all of them. and look, just because i like, i dunno, green, doesnt make just like every other person in the world who likes green, right?
also, if everyone thought in a completely different way, then this conversations would be useless and boring. no one would get anywhere cuz everyone is at a different wave length...

*Miriam* said...

Of course I also grew up knowing that "everyone is unique" and blah blah, and yeah it's true that if we thought TOTALLY differently then we wouldn't be able to have conversations. But it happens so many times that you try to explain something and the person you're talking to says "Yeah, I know", to almost everything you'll say, becasue people really do feel a lot of the same things, and then there isn't really thta much to havta Explain to people and show them new ways. Actually, I've managed to do that but I think there are lots of people (at least I know ltos of people this way) that just believe all the same things that other people believe, and get the same feelings and understand the same things. The more I talk about it, the less annoying it gets actually, but it's still a bit frustrating that if I want to do something REALLY original, or even just decorate my room in a DIFFERENT way I find that I'm not as open-minded as I want to be, and not just me, but I think a lot of people aren't enough open-minded to think on their own, liek really on their own.

I might be really really wrong but it's just how I feel.
I know that I'm very different from all the people I know, and I think it's something that I worked on, but a lot of people I know just aren't different from each other, and it can sometimes get annoying becasue I want to know a wider variety of people or something.

Maybe I'll delete this comment.
Maybe I'm just beign stupid.
But I guess part of a process of discovery is saying lame things just to know what other people think.

*Miriam* said...

I didn't mean I think it's lame, becasue I don't. But some ppl might think I'm lame.

Anyway, of course we're all different in the things we do and what we leave behind us everywhere we go and how we mark ourselves in people's minds, but when it comes down to our fundamental existence, we're all very similar.
I'm like pleading for people to SHOW ME NEW WAYS OF LOOKING AT THINGS or tell me what they believe, or ANYTHING, but most people just DON'T do that. Maybe people DO have really original ways of lookign at thigns and they just don't share it to the world. Maybe. But I don't know.

Whoever thinks I'm totally wrong, just plz don't scream at me or anything, and don't get insulted, because yes you are all very different, but I'm talkign about on another level.

Gabi said...

um..i know this is random but wtvr..i think that ppl in the older days were more open minded than we are today, mayb bcuz everone felt the need to be dffrent and ppl now don't feel the need tio b diffrent from one another (obviously ppl have their diffrences but as miriam said-diffrence on another level). as an example when the ligth for example was invented it was something diffrent, and obviously the light wasnt invented in one day so mayb diffrences can only be seen after a certain amount of days and not over night but also in those days ppl were more in the need of having they needed to have something diffrent. Where in todays life does someone feel the need to be diffrent? i don;t know many ppl who have that need and mayb its a good thing bcuz mayb if we were all diffrent this place would be a disaster but mayb if every1 felt the need to be diffrent we would be a lot more 'progressed' and smart...maybe but maybe not.

*Miriam* said...

That's what I said before... abotu the progress thing....

I think it's the opposite from what u said: I think today people are actually MORE open-minded than ever, and more into "individuality" and differences. About your whole light-buld thing, well your thoughts were a bit scattered :-P but I get what you're saying. They needed the light so it was easier to think of it. But the thing is, the invention of the light bulb was a once in a lifetime thing, when nowadays ppl are creating things every day that we don't even notice it becuz it's so common. Juts liek the needed light back then, we need computers, and then internet, then CDs, now we need i-Pods, tomorrow we'll need something else.

It's becuz nowadays we progress much faster. But I STILL feel (agreeing with u gabi) that we aren't different enough.

Gabi said...

I do think that ppl are more close minded now bcuz there are so many ideas out there and everyone knows whats expected and whats nice and wtvr that ppl think that one thing is prettty and they do that.(miriam brought the example of redecorating your room.)

Ppls definitions to pretty for example were taken...and we learn from that definition but it doesnt mean we changed it we took the definition that was already made, thats mainly why i think so many ppl are the sameppls definitions to pretty for example was taken...

and bcuz so many things are already defined it maked us more close minded because there is less room left for us to make our own definitions maybe thats what we should be doing.