Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Birthday BATSHEVA :-)

I'm gonna try to simplify myself. Try to forget the fact that I like to analyze every single thing that roams the earth. Gonna try to focus on one thing, on the fact that I wanna make up some sort of random soup. Or judging by the fact that it's ME making this so-called soup, it won't end up like soup, it'll be more like vommit-colored, shit-textured mush. But I like making up recipes, it's so much funner than actually reading a frikin recipe from a book.

I always said I hate cooking, but it's actually fun if u make up something. And it's even funner if you're doing it with someone else, like in the kitchen with a friend, able to use wtvr ingredients and just spend a while in the kitchen, concocting creativity on a plate.
Wanna come cook with me? hehe


Leenie ;-) said...

Oh, BZ and Batya and I did that in the summer-- they came 2 my house and we spent a day in the kitchen! we made cheesecake and doughnuts and these weird mint candy things. It was really fun!
we should do that sometime.

Bz:) said...

simplifying sounds like a hard goal to acheive, but i like it. it seems more complex then all the other stuff... good one:)

Bz:) said...

"the only difference between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage"
"Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off"

(those are both titles of "panic! at the disco" songs)
some of the best quotes in the world, if u ask me

Avital said...

Honestly, the whole idea of making up your own soup sounded so appealing until you started going into the gory details. Then I started feeling slightly sick... ;)