Saturday, November 11, 2006

I find it so insulting when parents read those "Understanding your teen" articles, and then think they know everything about us, they think they can know everything from reading a frikin one-page article. And then they come and say we're "troubled teens" or "they need to get us help" and I'm trying to figure out why that's the most annoying thing ever. It's like I'm an object and they havta like read the instructions on the box. And then anything I do that's a bit different from what the instructions say I become "a rebel", because they're so scared that I'll go too far off, but the only reason I would go so far off is because they're like this. So in the end, they cause the problems that they fear.


pip said...

i agree. there are parents who try SO hard to pull tjheir kids in keep them close- make them how THEY think they shoudl be (instead of lettign the kid choose his own path)- and this pushes the child away. noone wants their life dictated.
but then again, there ARE parents who allow their children to choose their own path...i apprecitae my aprents a lot mrope now that im odler and i realized how much freedom ive been given to shape the person i am... my parents may try to push me ina certian direction- but theyve never shoved.
its hard to be a parent. i was talkign bout it w/my baorder mom on shabbat... shes got 5 little kids and its hard to rasie them to b good ppl, w.out deicding for them who theyr goign to be. beign a parent is SCARY. rewarding but scary. so eyha parents may seem like idiots, but theyre rlly rlly tryign to do wat they think is best 4 u. u may not agree. and they may even b wrong. but theyre trying

*Miriam* said...

Of course it's hard.
But I think articles can't help them know anything about us, we're not an article, we're humans.
And if parents were more like friends and more open and flouncy and less proper then I would get along so much better in life.
And also, just by telling a person he's "troubled" makes him become troubled. If parents think their kids are alright, kids will be alright.

Bz:) said...

i totally agree with pip. i think about it sometimes, how sacry it must be. forget being worried something might happen to them and ull be torn apart because teenagers r stupid little creatures (sometimes i wonder why my mom lets me do things i do... then i realized she trusts me), but to make sure they come out ok, and they dont hate u when they're older. but ur right. if a parent think his kid is troubled, then the one who should go to a shrink is the parent.
but reading books- look, i read one in connections. its no a recepie "now, this should happen. then that. then do this". its full of maybes and probablys and "its possible that..." thats cuz noone knows, and kids dont fit into cookie-cutters. those articles r general directions, hints. like flashes of light in the blackout that is going on in a parents memory who, consumed by his fear, forgot what is what like to be a kid...

"the best thing a parent can give a child is roots, and wings"