Friday, November 10, 2006

Last night was Anna's (sweet 16) surprise party. It came out really nice in the end and the cake was alright, and my made-up icing was really yummy just that there wasn't enough of it.
We surprised Anna at her door with balloons and then we all hung out and we ate the cake and gave her half of her present. Pizza Sababa, I decided, is good. It was fun hanging around on Emek Refaim and then in that park there.
I met David who's really cool, and I also kinda met Noam (I already knew him but we never rilly talked).
All in all, good party :-) and I hope Anna had fun!!!!!


*Miriam* said...

Birthday parties are the funnest things (especially if it's your own haha cuz then you get all the attentin :-p). I love balloons and cake and music and friends all mixed together in one place.
We got a bunch of random guys playing basketball at the court to sing happy birthday to Anna, u know how awesome that is? She didn't appreciate it enough though hehehe.

Avital said...

Happy Birthday Anna! thursday night was a ton of fun. And I have decided that Pizza Sababa is an AWESOME pizza store- their pizza is delicious and I LOVE the name!!!! lol. 2 bad the pizza was so expensive though...