Friday, November 24, 2006

People always say that happiness is one of those things that someone can pass to someone else but still have the same amount - doesn't run out.

But in our group, there is never a time when EVERYONE is happy all at once. It feels like when I'm happy I stole someone elses happiness becuz all of a sudden they're sad.

So the happy ppl make the sad ppl happy, so then the sad ppl turn happy and the happy ppl turn sad. or even if the happy ppl stay happy, other ppl in the group become sad.

And when u think of it, the whole world is like that: Never is the whole world happy.

And if we were all happy there wouldn't be a balance and if we were all sad there wouldn't be a balance.
Or maybe there's nothing wrong with no balance. Because when it's a matter of happiness, it has nothing to do with actions, it just hasta do with ppl's brains.


*Miriam* said...
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*Miriam* said...
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Bz:) said...
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Bz:) said...

Odd philsophy.
happiness is like fire. its catching, and doesnt lose because it gave. just because not everyone is happy doesnt mean they cant be.

you cant steal happiness.
making others happy makes you happy. wasnt that the conclusion of the selfishness issue?

about the balance. day and night, iwnter and summer- thats physics, geography, astronomy. not up to us.
happiness- human emotion, feeling- is up to us. cant compare the two.

(deleted the other one to make a significant change)

*Miriam* said...

ur right, thanks.
I hate when ppl try to explain something human by something scientific like when teachers try to give u life morals by tellign stuff that havta do with physics and not the human brain. I donno why I did it, cuz ur right it makes no sense.

and yeah i know that happiness is like fire, that's why it's so weird that it's like this... blah

Leenie ;-) said...

I think there's a logical explaination-- it's not like it doesn't make sense: When people r happy they throw their love around-- thank goodness we all know what it's like to be really happy and hyper, and when u r ur in love with the world at large as well as the people in it who you love all the time anyway. And when one person is happy like that others feel it and follow, and that's what people are always saying. There's a catch, though-- if one person is happy and in love with the world, then someone out there will feel left out-- not because they aren't loved, of course they are-- but because they know they have a special place in that person's heart and right now they're just the same as everyone else. I guess it happens more in such a close group of friends, because we all have special places in each other's hearts and it's harder if u can't feel it.