Saturday, December 02, 2006


Music makes me fly

Through treeless lands
Through auburn skies
Through hazy rocks and
Through falling stars

Music makes me scream
To resting mountains
To crying children
To gods of fury and
To golden stars

Music makes me wonder
Why I stop
why do I stop?
Why do I fly?
Why do I scream?
Why Do I Wonder?

I look to the corner

And what I see is heaps of disorder

I see shadows of papers

And dusty silences.

I hang by papercuts

I glue myself to wet paint

I am a heap of shadows

In all these silences.

The media has me

It’s a daring focus

It’s a risky scramble

A criminal’s silence.

I melt into the grass I own
I walk it because I know it.

I merge into a soft passion
I want it because I love it.

I feel the defense creeping up my arm
I feel the scattered minds, I hear the shaking earth
I fear my words, I fear my power.
I'm afraid to live up to my dreams.

|Blue Horse|
You hold me
I miss you
13 *p l e a s e d o n t d i s a p p e a r f o r a w h i l e* 14

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