Monday, December 11, 2006

My tzav rishon

So... It was... pretty good, much better than I expected, and I was out at ten to 2 and met yon joe and halby in the tachana merkazit, which was a really nice thing to do after many hours sitting on my ass being bored or trying to solve frikass math questions. And I got a yummy crepe with chocolate and for the first time in my life, I wanted to just sit in the food court for a while. It was like after being stuck in that army building for so long I felt free again.

"now that we're here,
it's so far away
all the struggle we thought was in vain
all the mistakes,
one life contained
they all finally start to go away
now that we're here its so far away
and i feel like i can face the day i can forgive
and i'm not ashamed to be the person that i am today"

I wanna write a story about someone. Someone who fights a society who says "don't fight back", a passive society of teenagers who let ppl tramp on them, a society that sees no deep meaning to their existence. So this person will fight it, he/she will teach everyone what it means to capture the truth in one human mind, to yell back, to conquer a thought, to have the world belong to us.

shabbat in chashmonaim, that was fun... fun fun fun
but 8 hours with tanel over one shabbat isn't enough :-(
according to my definition of freedom, it never happens to me...
becuz someone always hasta run
i mean leave, like go home.
why can't it just last forever?
Why can't movies be more like 10 hours long?

i love my tanel
so much


Anonymous said...

i feel so bad for u ... they fealt ur boobies ...

mushy mushy (LOLL !!!)

movies could be 10 hours long but then they wont be fun for ppl that DONT have their gf/bfs (hint hint)

glad u had fun :D

*Miriam* said...

u are SOOO sick haha
they didn't do that
and anyway it wud only be how u describe it if i was like a size D or something, which im not even CLOSE to being. u gotta get ur things straight man lol

*Miriam* said...

im hungry.

I hate when there are crossed out words on a paper.
It drives me crazy.

i love the kinneret

Leenie ;-) said...

U could watch Andy Warholl's movie of a person sleeping... thats 10 hours long... ;-)

pip said...

yeah... thats called "cure for insomnia" or s.thign right...? haha

*Miriam* said...

I'm gonna make a movie like that one day... haha, well, not THAT boring but something of the sort haha, some random life nuisance, phenomenon or any ordinary occurance that no one pays attention to.

Anonymous said...
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