Friday, December 22, 2006

Someone made me do something I didn't want to do and now I regret it.
I was replaced, but it's my own fault and now I wish I could go back to how it used to be.
I got too tied down that I can't move now because people expect me to be a certain way.


Anonymous said...

what is it some1 made you do?

Leenie ;-) said...

U don't strike as the kind of person who would be so dependant on what other people expect. Of all people, ur one who's confident enough to go against the flow! It's a good thing.
Thing is, ppl tend 2 prejudge other ppl, it happens so much-- I think its important 2 remind myself that ppl r allowed the leeway 2 change, and most ppl use that leeway.

Bz:) said...

in the spirit of cryptic messages, somethign i was thinking about all day.

everything is falling apart. I walk around my life looking at teachers, family, friends. and its all falling out of place. like a big building of lego, and an idiot 4 year old is picking at the edges, piece by piece, and every piece falls with a silent shudder that shakes the building.

i look at my friends. the ones ive known for 6 months, 6 years, and i see their faces arn't quite the same. their faces are sliding, changing, into a face i know ive seen somewhere but cant quite place.

and then i realize. they're growing up, growing apart, falling apart.

(this has been stuck in my head all day and ive been tryign to get it out. i dont think i explained it well though...)

Leenie ;-) said...

I hope that growing apart doesnt really mean falling apart. I hope. And it is like lego, because just because some parts are still whole doesn't mean that they dont feel the shudder.

*Miriam* said...

Poeple don't know what they want anymore. They roam around finding little things that make them happy. They don't try to figure out if it's real or if it's just dust that will fly away like all the other things they chose to forget. There's a pile of all the lost memories out there somewhere.
The ashes fall like raindrops.
People fall apart because they don't have what it really takes to survive.
Growing apart means we look at the ground and all see something else, so how can we all stand on it together?