Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Trip up north

This was such a fun trip and I wanna do stuff like this again. We went up to the Kineret (I love the Kineret) and camped out for a night. It was me, Tipsy, Avital, Yon, Tanel, Micha, Yissachar and Yakov. Here are some pics...

tipsy in a tree-->

me, tipsy, avital, yon, tanel, micha, yissachar and yakov met in the tachana merkazit monday afternoon in the food court with our bags and hung around there till 2, when we took the bus to tverya. First rip-off of the day was a two-way ticket to tverya, lol. That's the way things work here. Anyway, it was a 2.5 hour drive and when we got to the tachana merkazit of tverya we went to check out the achsanya we were thinkin of stayin in but it was pretty creepy and it wasn't that cold out so we decided to go sleep on the beach, on chof chokuk. We made a fire there and Yakov kept it going all night. All smooshed together in a row, we kept warm most of the time. In the morning it was beautiful there. And the cold morning air made everyone fall asleep. So we were all scattered around the ashes of the fire that died down at about 5:00.

outside the achsaniya, waiting for them to open

tipsy by the fire, when it was still small

our feet, tachana merkazit

sittin around the fire


Avital said...

OMG I had so much fun! AWESOME pics mim! (I'll post pics on my blog as soon as I save them and then get them uploaded...)

pip said...

yay =) the pics r great.... ill post some too wen i have time =)