Monday, December 25, 2006

What Do You DO When You're Bored In Class?
Post ur answers as comments, this will be funny

[What's bad about night, is that there's school again the next day]
[same ppl, same thing]


Leenie ;-) said...

I plan out kippa patterns. And then make them. And decide what colours to buy so I can make more.

I doodle all over my papers in colourful pens-- u guys remember Lisa Frank? Those really colourful stickers we used 2 collect? That's what my papers look like if I do a good job. :-)

I write letters-- usually in tanach class, cuz I sit at the back of the class-- to whoever I don't end up sitting next 2. Hmm... I wonder how on Earth I could be failing that subject... :-p

I take out my camera and take videos of my books and stuff-- I call them horror movies.

If I'm really bored I pick a song and write down all the lyrics 2 make sure I can remember them.

Usually I complete the HW that was due that day, though.

pip said...

mmm... text =/ (yeah thats y my bill is so insanely high)... or draw... or write my name in as many ways as possible... write lyrics on all my notes... i dunn im not very interestign during class. ::shrugs:: i think school dries me out. makes me boring lol

Avital said...

Well, mostly, I crochet- everyone laughs at me that I am always working on a kippa. If I am not crocheting cuz I get sick of it or something, I might plan out a kippa pattern like Alina, or write-something 4 my blog, parts or ideas 4 stories, poetry, journal entries... Or I might pass notes 2 mim if I am in a class with her and feel like it, or sometimes I doodle. I have the WEIRDEST doodles- strange shapes that don't resemble ANYTHING whatsoever. But hey, Piccasos' art is nothing BUT weird shapes ;)

*Miriam* said...
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Bz:) said...

decorate my overly-scribbled-on binder

make a list of all the things I'd rather be doing right now (includes being stranded in china and waxing my legs)

Leenie ;-) said...

Stranded in China??

*Miriam* said...

When I'm bored in class (Which is very often), I draw floor-plans for ranch houses or use my colored pens to write worrds in cool ways, or just write a poem or a song or doodle on my binder or draw (if I have white paper with me). Lately I've been doodling on the margins of the pages I write on in class but then it makes the organized page look unorganized and it annoys me so I will stop doing that.