Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I love to write and they love to read, so there's a catch. That's how art works. It's good for both sides. We all win.

Secrecy is the venom guilty people leave behind before they slither away seeming innocent.

That is probably the most real thing I wrote all year.

We have saved ourselves.

I watch the roll unravel into thin strips of usefulness

sorry bout this pic i think i messed it up a bit i think the lips are wrong now donno what mistake i did but wtvrs its still floppin cool

we cause the problems that we fear

Imagine there was a really long roll of paper that went around the world and exactly at the same time, everyone around the world wrote on the paper that's on their land and then you roll up the paper and read what everyone was feeling at the same moment and how ppl express themselves differently across the world. If I could do that, the thought's of all the ppl would be the best discovery I will ever make in my entire life.

btw- pretty nice song-- Tonight I Wanna Cry / Keith Urban

the eyes

hugs n kisses


it's scary


Gabi said...

yea i like the idea about the long paper and what they were thinking at that exact moment thats really cool...truth is you could probably do something really similar-like a chain letter that u also havta send back to the sender..i know its annoying but if it works...

pip said...

thast a RLLY cool idea. also gabius idea is cool, but ppl get sick of chain letters. and it wuldnt all eb at the same time. wat fi u culd set up some kind of fone line and at a specific time, everyoen nation-wide wuld call that line ( i mena thered have to b a ton of lines and wtvr) and then all the conversatiosn wuld b recored ands that way ude have all their thought at the same time... btu it wuld never work, its nto realistic

Anonymous said...

have some faith in miriams abilitys .... if she wants it to work then it will become realistic,

small chance it would work , but even a small chance is better than no chance and u dont pass up even a small chance to do something amazing

btw miriam gives good hugs...
thank u

Leenie ;-) said...

That pic of u waliking w/ the purse is so nice!!
I just thought of how the writing thing could work-- every year thousands of kids write letters 2 Santa, and that's exactly what happens-- so many ppl writing what they're thinking. If u could find a universal (as opposed 2 religious) way 2 have ppl do that... And ppl also write letters 2 put in the Kotel walls... And some anonymous person collects them all.. I dunno, maybe there's a way 2 do it.

pip said...

i just realized s.thing... if u liek to write and they liek to read... isnt there NO catch?

*Miriam* said...

What do u mean?