Saturday, January 20, 2007

On Thursday night, Jan 18 (my bday) I had the BEST party E-V-E-R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Every part of it was just amazing
Like all the little things I ever mentioned I wanted, it's what I got.
They wrote on the path in chalk it was so great, and on Shabbat, walking to shul, it was still there :-) and i'm sure everyone else saw the "happy birthday" chalk too cuz neighbors said happy birthday to me =)
The cake.... BEST CAKE EVER =D
And the music... :-D :-D :-D
OMG, it was so awesome
i'm still happy from it...
And now I'm listening to my new ipod nano that tanel got me :-)
im so happy

(ill post photos later)


Avital said...


We had such a blast at ur party. And all week in fact! I had enough cake last week 2 last me 6 months. The only drawback is that ur 17 now. Which is so OLD!

Leenie ;-) said...

Natanel, it was fantastic... U should go in2 party planning! (wait, why does that sound so familiar??)
The band rocked wicked cool. MY favourite part was singing, lol. And Geek In The Pink, love that song..! And getting all hyper at the end.
Happy Birthday!!

Avital said...

lol 'wicked cool'?! alina dont get TOO obsessed now...