Monday, January 08, 2007

Sweeping moments off their feet into a timeless dance.
Hands pressed on waist, blood-rushed skin, sizzling adrenaline.
Spinning round the dance floor, and around your body,
Heartbeats like drumbeats and like your fingers moving through me-
Warm fingers touching mine.
Slipping into reality, undressing the truth.
Slipping into ecstacy, undoing the seams.


I wrote this on avital's blog, trying to define in 5 minutes what friendship is:
In the corner, a shadow that you recognize. They know you, they feel you, It's a deep warmth of concealed sunshine. The skin that brought you to where you are, the shape that you have memorized, the face that you have locked into your helpless heart. They push you up with the arms that you love and they wrap you up in the love that you need. And, what makes it beautiful, is they don't ask for anything in return.

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pip said...

the first one is rlly sensual.. i like it.. i like the first line and the last 2 the best. specially the last 2, the way they flow, the imagery (i think thats the word) that u use
also the second thing is rlly beautiful.. but u only get one side...ure missing the other side, ur part
friendship: its the pain u feel wen theyre huring, knowng ud do anything to heal their wounds. its the respect and love u feel when they admit to their mistakes, when they let u in, open themselves up 2 u. its the knowledge that ure love carries them through, that ure love is taken and returned by choice...