Friday, March 23, 2007

Do you believe that I belong here?
There's no way I'm mature enough to understand

Bleak minds become overwhelmed with what they don't have
So they underrate what love is
So that they can imagine the ideal
And they make it be a chase
With themselves
To run after the minorities and make them the majority
And take a small thought
And mold it into the form of an uncontrollable desire
To tell, more and more,
To go, faster yet,
To pretend that they believe in everything they do
To make themselves believe that they feel a solid emotion
But they don't
They don't even know what emotions are
Because they drew them out to be so encompassing and so enormous
So when they find out the truth-
That what they feel doesn't change the state they're in
They reject the possibility
Because they refuse to stay lonely
Even for a minute.

if nobody was ever lonely, nobody would ever love.

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