Friday, March 23, 2007

The red telephone is the divider between love and loneliness
Is it true that I'm at all nice?
Does it matter when you say bye to me
And there's the break of dawn in my eyes.
Vengeance is a dirty blessing
And we are here to learn our lesson
Of going to places we've never been
And hanging up on people we need to forget
We need to forget them
(Because they make us weigh the value of our existence)

- Even if it makes us cry.
Don't hang up,
And hold me when I'm suspended in the sky
And clouds have turned into clumps of thoughts.
You don't understand, do you?


Gabi said...

omg i loved this poem, but seriousy loved it, its sooo good and really meaningful and like powerful lol in short i really loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

pip said...

thats incredible. short and complicated, yet rlly clear if u think abotu it. wow.