Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The critics,
They run after us.
I am one.

Not everything has a meaning.
Not everything is supposed to be viewed like a painting on a wall
Not every composition of words has to be a museum exhibit.

Is it really as I see it- a War?
Am I fighting too hard to be the best and to stand on top?
And I wonder- how can six billion people all be the best? They can't be. One has to be the best. And that one is the one who gets noticed and praised.
The others are grains of sand packed tightly into an overstuffed world.

In every field and aspect, one person is the best. And in the field that I strive to master, I am not the best.

Miriam, you're a grain of sand.
Stop trying to fight.
It's not a war.
Be a prisoner.


Anonymous said...

nobody is a winner, if you decide to compete, you will be a prisnor.
because no matter how good you are someone will always compete and eventually be better, and the same will happen to him, over and over. it never ends.
this is not a: "you wont succeed so stop trying" sentence.
its a: "you are the best, and no matter how good people aeround you are, you still are the best"

Buzzed said...

Yea. I am a prisoner.
Its an interesting way to think about it.
have you seen those t-shirts "You say Bitch as if its a bad thing"?
Maybe being a grain isnt so bad. maybe its better than being the ruler of grains.
Cause while the grains have somewhere to go, something to achieve, the master must always stay a float. just float.
and the master used to be a grain. He used to have hobbies and issues like the rest of us. a personality, a world.
and now, he's just a master.
master of grains of sand.