Thursday, July 26, 2007

The English language is very interesting...

Howcome when something is great its only aweS-O-M-E (some)?
And when something is horrible it's awF-U-L (full)?
the "awe" part is the good part, so it doesnt make sense that Some awe is great and Complete awe is horrible!

Saba fixed my iPod :-) (the earphones wouldn't go in all the way- there was something stuck in there. I knew I would have it fixed if I asked him to try)

[There's a trust that roots from the belief that if you're not there, anything can happen.
Like if you run away, back home no one can die.
If you close the door, how can something go wrong on the other side?
If I'm not there to see a downfall, it never happened]


Buzzed said...

Its the Peekabo syndrom. If i cant see you, then you're not here.
And how can the world possibely go own without me.
because were so small, take up so little space, that it seems hard to believe that the world is so huge, and that its happening all at once.

*Miriam* said...

That is SO right. I like how you put it. That is precisely what I meant

Betsy said...

You write very well.