Saturday, August 18, 2007

[I miss the united states when I realize that the difference between here and there is so big.
Here I wonder if I'm sad. I wonder if I'm just TRYING to be sad- I think about being sad. I think- am I sad? I doubt my happiness
And there-
I don't even think about it.

I wish my grandparent's house could be a place I visit frequently. A place I have as my second home- a place second best, but best. A place I WANT to have only as second best (because right now it's the best, because the rest is less good). A place I want to be like every other place, but still beautiful.
A place that makes me happy without me having to realize- 'This Is Happiness".
I want it to be ordinary.
I want it to be like it always is-
But I want to be in it.

All the rest take it for granted-
I wish I could, too.
I wish it wouldn't be nostalgia there-
Rather, just a place I am IN.]

To everyone else, that's crazy.
I'm looking for things to complain about.
Well I'm done with wondering what everyone else thinks.
Well, at least I wish I could be over with it.
But I think this concern will be with me forever.
I will always be strapped down by people's criticism.
I will always be scared.

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Buzzed said...

I know what you mean, mims. about peoples opinion. Maybe that's what blogs are for. your on space in cyberspace. you true spot where noone's opinions matter. This is you, and they can take it or leave it.