Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I realized what my problem is.
They aren't artsy.
They sit around and drink and I want them to be painting
I want to sit around with artists.
People who watch and observe.
People who write. Paint. Form. Create.
I want them to be more like me.
I want to talk about angles, not beers.
Colors, shapes,
not hookups.
I want them to look at the world,
Not at each other.
I want them to see beyond what you people see. I want them to understand.
They don't have to look like me or
talk like me.
I just want to be with people who I can open up to.
People I can be serious with. Artistic and creative with. People I can write with, paint with.
When I'm 18, I'm searching for my friends.
You artists I haven't found yet.
You beautiful artists.

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