Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's a ladder twined in ropes of ivy
And thick messes of leaves and twigs.

It changed since last time I saw it.

Last time the ivy had not yet grown into a strong army of fighters.
The twigs were bending threads of gold.
I thought it was delicate,
Like the softness of your voice used to be.

But you tied me up in knots
I am locked on the steps that do not lead me anywhere.
This ladder might as well fall and crash
Like the emotions you've never had.

You want to own the world
You want the world to surrender to your power But we are here
We are only going to get stronger
Through this hatred you've built in us.
We fight now with our words
We used to fight with the strength of our truth.
Truth does not matter to you
You do not cross the paths of honesty or willingness to provide your own supply of happiness.
You are happy only when we fall hostages in your kingdom.
The more you want us to come
The more we want to run away.

Even though I once wanted you to understand.
I don't want it anymore.

Because you will never understand.

Even though I miss you
Now that you are really not with me.
Now that you try to be my enemy.
Now that you yell, curse, and wish you could beat me up until I have no tears left to cry.
You can't do that to me

Because I still remember the part of you that wants me to be happy.

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Buzzed said...

i was about to cry when i read this. i hope you're ok.