Friday, August 24, 2007

Predictions of the Lost

Last night was overwhelmingly loud and stuffy.
I didn't feel well, so every time I was shoved among people, I wanted to part the ocean of bodies and walk out through a clear path. No noise, nobody.
I wanted quiet. Like when you're in a mess of stress and disorganization, you want to just Run Away.
Then I went back. Boy was that dumb. I really was planning on going home the first time but my escape didn't work, seeing as you called me about 30 seconds into my disappearance.
That's fine actually. But it would have been better to just go somewhere else, not BACK.
Sometimes when you leave somewhere it's only so that someone else can pull you back in in a better way than how you first came in, but this time I really DIDN'T want to go back. Didn't want anyone to pull me back in to the noise.
Plus, I HATE the sound of fireworks.

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