Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tomorrow is the last last last date to have all my plans down of my avodat gemer in art. And I just remembered that little detail, and it came along with my realization that I don't have an idea!
Well, it's more right to say that I have too many.

I want to do something about beauty, or about inspiration, or what inspires me, or who I am. I want to do about how everything you look at, has in it everything in you. Meaning, every object has every shade of every memory. And I want to do something about nostalgia, memories, and how they inspire me, and how they build who we are. And I want to do something about music, and how it's connected to everything, and connected to memories and how when you hear music everything you see looks different, and every note corresponds with every angle and every color. And I want to do something about Words, because that's what I am. I want to express how words are everything. Words come together with everything, all the beauty and music and inspiration and nostalgia.
And I want to do something about people. And how people are distant, and people are roaming. And Mortality, and how life is like a thin thread that can be cut short at any moment.
I want to incorporate photography, and words, as I've said already, because I love photography and poetry.
And something about reflections, and reflecting myself.
And something with angles.
And I want to show how everything is connected to everything else. Like a layer of things and layer of things on top but they aren't placed directly on top, but on an angle so that everything is touching all the different things on top to create different varieties and schemes, because that's what everything is.
And, of course, I want to express the heating volcano I am, and how it's dying to explode.
But then I realize- that is what this art project is, it's my opportunity to explode, so how can I talk about my difficulty of expression in this artistic chance of expression?
This IS supposed to be the expression.
This is time to take the lid off the volcano and let the fire out,
Not talk about the fire that's inside.
But then I realize
I don't even know what's inside
Because there's been so much for so long, that it's all jumbled up by now.
I don't know what's inside.



Anonymous said...

quite ambitious, don't you think?

-incase you don't manage to create the universe,just remember that your not g-d and therfor it's NOT expected of you if at all possiable.

*Miriam* said...

Alrighty, thanks for the advice.
So you can sit home all day and do nothing while I go use my brain to express our beautiful reality.
Just seems a shame to me that you believe you aren't strong enough to do anything.

Anonymous said...

that was pretty sharp, lets try to keep it constructive.

I used to really be into painting
but eventuly, what I found, was a lack of ability to express myself.
my recourse's were too limitid & so, I moved on to the next common art- music.

that lasted a little longer-music has a time dimension to it so I could say more, but.
no music,painting or sculpture says it all.
as astonishing as it may be, art will remain art, and reality reality.

Anonymous said...

look at it when you have a chance, i painted it after i posted the comment- it's not much,but its my first painting in years and it has to do with this question

Anonymous said...

Different anonymous, you could say that we're borthers...
Anyways, I think he meant that you can't do a project about EVERYTHING. He defenitely didn't mean you should do nothing at all...
I mean you mentioned 12 different things you want to do it on! You should really focus on one subject (maybe you can mix it with a different one too). Save stuff for the next project!

This brings up a metaphore: a king hires two people to fill an incredibly deep hole. One man says to the next "We'll never fill up the hole!"
His fellow asks: "So what?"
The first man says: "Why should I work if I'm not going finish the job?"
The second man answers: "The king pays per day, not for filling the hole!"
So, what did you do?

*Miriam* said...

You sound like you are I.T.W. donno if u are.
in any case, that's true.
But I feel like my whole life till now has been not expressing anything (even though that's not completely true), and now that I finally know what I want to say, it's storming out like a volcano...
And the other thing is that after people not knowing who I am for so long, if I only do one thing people will still not know me, that's why I feel like I need to do everything, now.
But of course there will be more art projects in my life. SO I'll wait.

Anonymous #1: An inability to express one's self through art is to me just an indicator that there's more to work on.
I won't give up on trying to use art as my battlefield.

Zack said...

anonymous #2- who are you? I didn't mean to be "anonymouse" i just didn't have a blog till yesterday...

let me ask you 2 questions:

1. show me a perfect artwork? (it can be a poem,painting, you know what art is or isn't)

2.are you fighting to understand life?

*Miriam* said...

What is perfect artwork?
I don't have perfect artwork, I have expressions of certain aspects of life, not everything in one.

I'm not fighting to understand life, but life in itself is somewhat a fight, at least right now it is. Maybe later on it won't be anymore.

We are humans roaming a planet and we have certain things to offer and we need to fight for our time to offer what we have to give or else we won't be able to squeeze it in to the short time we have.

*Miriam* said...

Actually it's not that I'm trying to fight to be seen.
It's that the world is so beautiful
And there's so much to take in
that it takes forever
to express it all

Betzalel said...

I'm not I.T.W. whoever that is, but I do know you!

Why do you feel like you need to express yourself / something / everything? Is it because you want to become a known artist? That's how it sounds like...

You still didn't answer my question: What did you end up doing it on?

*Miriam* said...

What do you mean why do i want to express myself?
That's actually interesting, I never thought of not expressing myself.
Why would someone not want to express himself, unless they have nothing at all to express?
Expression is our form of communication, it's in everything we do.
When we talk to people, we are expressing ourselves and our beliefs- we don't just arbitrarily ramble words.
So now, after that fundamental need, I realize that I have a ton to express, because every human contains so much, so much that we usually don't even pay attention to. Everyone is so different, so special. We have so much to give.
What do you give? I mean, that's not a question for you necessarily, just in general, a call to all humans. Do we give all the good that we can give?

Now, about the project.
I decided to do about all the beauty there is in the world, all the small beautiful things people don't pay attention to. Something on that track, I'm not quite sure yet.

Anonymous said...

Damn you!
"you could say that we're borthers..."

I didn't think you meant literally!
now tell me something? (you better answer, you can't avoid someone you live with)

Betzalel said...
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Betzalel said...

I don't know why you're so mad - lets try to keep this constructive... don't worry I'm not spying on you, or looking at the recent files on the computer...
You were in your painting was on the computer, and I saw it again on your blog uploadump that you were also in (with only one post). So I recongnised the link you posted on here anonymously. Plus the discription on your first post fits you perfectly