Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"And you say we're too young,
-vanessa carlton, "who's to say"

Nostalgia is of the highest Harmonies

January, February and April, 2007:


Okay, so there is a divine harmony that has been destroyed because of the imbalance between nature and technology.
So the hidden level is Harmony. The level beyond the superficial images and colors that we see.
What's that Harmony and how was it destroyed by imbalance and how is it achieved?
That harmony = Peace of mind, happiness.
So how can we find the harmony through this imbalanced life?

Well, as all philosophers focus on one project, my project will be finding Harmony- that level of secrecy, something hidden, in humanity and nature. The wonderful level we all seem to be missing. (This is what I wrote about on Jan 19, about my art project. My art teacher doesn't understand that the art project is actually going along with the development of my own personal philosophies of the world, that's why she doesn't get how it could take so long and be so complicated and she doesn't understand that I keep finding a better definition of things, she thinks I keep CHANGING the idea, but it's the same thing, just more focused and defined!)

So what I want to do is make movies that perpetuate or cultivate harmony, meaning I will ATTEMPT to understand the harmony by experimenting with different abstract images and sounds.

Next step--> Who's gonna buy me the video camera? No, I'm joking, that's what I've been saving up for.

Philosophy has me on its roads and in it's roots.
I have found yet another thing more important than school.


Now, what I'm starting to wonder is as follows:
Is it only in my mind that there is a dual-existence, or is it really that way?
Maybe there is no deeper harmony, and everything is as it seems.
Much like Plato's philosophy of the shadows, with the myth of the cave, I think it might be that way. But am I wrong, is there really only one level of existence?

(Plato's cave/shadow philosophy:
We are like people facing the back wall of a cave and there are vivid forms outside the cave, and in back of them is a strong light, so their shadows are being casted onto the back walls of the cave and that is what we see. If only we were to turn around, we would see the more vivid truth of the world that is out of the cave in the light. We live in the shadows)

wait-wait-wait... But is this harmony innate? If not, and we each have a different sense of harmony, then I cannot find a universal harmony, just my own personal one. Or maybe there is a constitutional BASE or SUBSTANCE of harmony, and the details of it are varied? This shall be hard to find out... So 1) I need to decide if there is even a level of some peace of mind separate from the mess of the visible life, 2) I need to theorize if their is an innate, universal sense of harmony among humans/animals, and 3) If there is a certain universal base of harmony I need to FIND IT.
This shall take my whole life.
Starting now.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

This is how I think things are:
There are two sides to everything:
The visual side- the superficial image we see when we look around: the objects that are in the world, and what we've learned they are ("This is a Chair"). This is the natural thinking process together with the rational one (August 31, 2007 on the blog), to understand- according to what we've learned- what we are looking at and to categorize it in our heads by the categories society has given us.
The sensory side- the music, the hidden rhythm, color, angle, beauty, melody that there is to everything: the emotional, hidden side of nature, a side we interpret individually and have not acquired from society (The deeper image of the chair. No, it's not a chair. Forget what you've learned...) This is also both the natural and rational thinking processes, but in a different way: The natural process in which we see the deep sensory side of things, and the rationalization of the interpretation of that sense.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

"בוא לשחק איתי", אמר לו הנסיך הקטן. "אני עצוב".
"אינני יכול לשחק איתך", אמר השועל, "כי אינני מאולף".
"אה! אני מתנצל", אמר הנסיך הקטן.
אבל אחרי הרהור, שאל:
"מה פירוש 'מאולף'?"
"אנשים", אמר השועל, "יש להם רובים והם צדים, זה מטריד מאד. הם גם מגדלים תרנגולות, ואלה הדברים היחידים שמעניינים אותם. אתה מחפש תרנגולות?"
"לא", אמר הנסיך הקטן. "אני מחפש חברים. מה פירוש 'מאולף'?"
זה משהו שלעתים תכופות מדי מזניחים", אמר השועל. "פירוש הדבר לכונן קשרים".
"לכונן קשרים?"
"כמובן", אמר השועל. "בשבילי אינך אלה ילד קטן, ואינך שונה ממאות אלפי ילדים קטנים אחרים, לכן אני אינני זקוק לך וגם אתה אינך זקוק לי. בשבילך אינני אלא שועל כמו מאות אלפי שועלים אחרים. אבל אם תאלף אותי, אזי נהיה זקוקים איש לרעהו. אתה תהיה בשבילי יחיד ומיוחד בכל העולם, ואני אהיה בשבילך יחיד ומיוחד בעולם..."


הנסיך הקטן חצה את המדבר, ולא פגש נפש חיה פרט לפרח אחד. היה זה פרח בעלי שלושה עלי כותרת, פרח שאין בו כלום.

"בוקר טוב", ברך אותו הנסיך הקטן.
"בוקר טוב", ענה הפרח.
"היכן בני האדם?", שאל הנסיך הקטן בנימוס.

הפרח ראה פעם שיירת מדבר עוברת.
"בני אדם? אני חושב שיש שישה או שבעה מהם בנמצא. ראיתי אותם פעם, לפני כמה שנים. אבל אי אפשר לדעת היכן הם נמצאים. הרוח מעיפה אותם לכל עבר. אין להם שורשים, וזה מקשה עליהם מאד".

"להתראות", אמר הנסיך.
"להתראות", ענה הפרח.

Princess Aziza, we must flee the place~LOL
It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye

(an update about my art project:
Secrecy in humans and nature:
התכלית האמיתית של העולם נמצאת בדברים החבואים, הפרט יותר קובע מהכלל)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Everything unfinished,
All the words that were started
And we figured we'd have years to complete them.
Now they're suspended in the air,
Between history and nostalgia,
Between hope and destruction
Between tragedy and tragedy.
Without our voices to sing them out
Without our movements to prove them right,
Without emotion,
Without a right.

i wish i could make it be platonic

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What if the sun smelled like the rain?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

With every passing second I am being erased a little more, so I have to think quickly, so that I can catch on quickly, before you forget who I am, and that we once were a force no one could break.
If I wait too long and then decide to call this off, I'll be too late.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"A world to be born under your footsteps"
-St. John Rerse

"Where is the way where light dwelleth?"

Friday, January 11, 2008

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

"Change is inevitable. Time heals all wounds. God is bigger than all of us."

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I need to do a project about the correspondence of music and nature, and how every occurrence fits with a certain rhythm and sound.
I feel like you're away on a trip and when you get back I'll be able to talk to you about all this.
But then I remember that you aren't gone, but you also aren't coming back, and that is so scary.

Monday, January 07, 2008

i can't do this

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Knowing that I'm doing something that's hurting him,
But not being able to do anything about it.
Having to watch him fall there
And I want to know how he's doing and what he's doing
And if that same thing from last year is bothering him
Or if that same person from a while ago is annoying him, making him feel bad
Or if he wore the shirt he doesn't like, or if his boxers are blue or red or something else
And if he ate something he didn't like,
Or if he felt nauseous today
Or sad or happy
If he cried too,
If he got mad at someone
If he felt proud, special, wonderful.
If he looked down at the sidewalk when he walked
If he looked at the stars.
If he debated whether or not to do something,
If he took something out of the fridge then realized he didn't want it.
If he blew his nose,
How long it took to get dressed,
Was it easy to get out of bed in the morning?
I want to know if he felt the urge to talk to them but he didn't,
If he felt like they aren't listening.
If he walked alone,
If he felt funny or confused.
If he pondered his existence alone, and what it means, and is it worth it?
Everybody Hurts / R.E.M

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

מי שיש לו נשמה של יוצר, מוכרח להיות יוצר רעיונות ומחשבות
אי אפשר לו להסגר בתלמודו השטחי בלבד
כי שלהבת הנשמה עולה היא מעליה
ואי אפשר לעצור אותה ממהלכה

-קובץ ז' פסקה ק"ד, הראי"ה