Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Absurdism is a philosophical idea which claims that there is no innate meaning to human life. Connecting with Existentialism- both movements maintain that the human must find his own individual meaning to his life.

Absurd movies and theater (the beginning of the 20th century) brought onto the stage everyday life situations that are quite meaningless and until then were not spoken of, nonetheless existed, such as people in the bathroom, people sleeping, or doing anything "boring" that really happens in a person's daily life.
Before then, there was a focus on only the major actions that people did, and the rest was not spoken of, the intimate things were kept quiet. I'm sure nobody talked about sex, but all of a sudden here came the absurdists who wanted to show the true face of humanity: A life consisting of meaningless rituals and actions.
They wanted to show certain situations in a normal day, in order to get the viewer to start thinking about his own life and pondering it's meaning. Through this technique, the existentialists wanted humans to find their own personal meaning to life, and not be passive and careless towards it.
The existentialists and absurdists were not against meaning. They were just against the idea that there are certain "set" rules that humanity goes by.

So that's a little bit about absurdism and existentialism.

And now I realize that if I were on a screen now, an hour long video of someone sitting, staring at a computer screen and typing, this would be very absurd, and if I saw it, I would realize that I must find a meaning for myself.

The best way, I've realized, to explain the confusions and complexities and disorder in my brain, is to just teach the world some of the main points I know, so that instead of trying to explain from the outside how everything connects in unorganized ways, I will just lay out the information for you to realize yourself that there's so much that is blending together and making a mess in this beautiful world.
Art in this postmodern era is taking a new turn. Even from the beginning of the last century, or maybe even from the previous century, art became something encompassing that extended beyond the four feet of the canvas or working area. Art changed from being an evident copy of reality in the middle ages and renaissance, to being a fundamental expression of mankind, through different mediums, and outside of the four-walled studio. The impressionists starting leaving their studios and setting themselves up outside- capturing nature and scenic views, similar to how cavemen left their caves at some point and realized that life is beyond their square of hunting oxen. People back in that neolithic era began expanding their horizons, realizing they could grow crops, build advanced tools, travel the world, and discover. So here again, around the 18th century, artists began wandering and moving, realizing that art is not just exact strokes of a paintbrush on a square canvas, rather it is also an abstract, emotional and complex portrayal of mankind.
Impressionists painted their impressions, as the expressionists were expressive, and here began a process of inserting emotion and reflection into the painting process.
After that, actually many years later, artists became even freer with their art.
We have the surrealists, the existentialists, the absurdists. All this art not only expressed art in itself but also philosophical views of the world and humanity, which was a rather new concept (connecting philosophy and art). Up until the past few centuries, every aspect in life has it's space, and it was free of all the others. But here we see that different fields started merging, until nowadays when everything is connected in so many ways.
In addition to this blending of areas, art took a central part in the artist's life. He expressed himself through numerous mediums, and (unlike previous centuries), an artist did not always adhere to one medium, rather he variegated his field, and expressed himself through many different techniques. Now it is hard to immediately associate a work of art with it's artists, because artists became widely artisized, they do a million different things now, maybe it has to do with the rush of technology and the growing of impatience of humanity in general. But in any case, what I was going to say at the beginning, and all this was just an introduction to it, is that nowadays, life became so abstract and schmered over a million different areas of life, and we are all strokes of a paintbrush being brushed and merging into a catastrophe of colors (and I like the abstractness, I'm not saying it's bad). But what I was really trying to get to, is this:

Soon enough, and I'm saying this is a positive way and it's beautiful, people walking around will become art. Movements and gestures will be art. Angles and colors corresponding will be art (to me it already is), random sounds and the correspondence of sound and nature will be art (to me it already is, but not to most people).

And now that I think of this process that the world is going through, this process of abtractisizing, I always thought it's good, because my mind works like that abstract way, but maybe it works like that because the world is like that? Maybe if I lived 400 years ago my mind would be more organized? Maybe we are all growing impatient, impulsive and obsessive?

And this leads to the main point, or actually a million main points that correspond and coincide, and that is the question of nature and nurture, and what we are doing here, where we came from, and what our goal is.
A few issues to ponder:

*When there is a problematic or suffering country or social group, does outside involvement (foreign countries/governments) in solving the problem contribute or damage?
*The natural balance/ecosystem: Is it destroyed by genetic engineering/ what can this change cause, and is it necessarily bad for the environment, or does it balance itself out again?
*Is the tribal system is Africa a cause for the wars- Will abolishing the tribes help progress the situation and maybe end the era of constant rivalries?
*Does getting rid of people's ignorance, indifference and nonchalance lead to better abilities, progress and economic income?

If anyone has anything to say about any of these, please comment :-)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I have always had these words
And they have changed slightly
But they are still encircling every move
And every time I have a chance to say a word

I want to shout a million

Monday, February 25, 2008

Happiness is internal.

[Thought of today: Everything we perceive is only in our imagination.
All the colors we see are just how we interpret the things around us.
Meaning, if nobody is looking at something, it does not exist in colors,
but rather in some other form that we do not know of.]

Another thought: The Photographer is above the rest of society, because he observes humans without the humans knowing- meaning, the ordinary people are just walking around being watched, not aware of that. It is a secret.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Time for a poem

I am heaving my way up the hill
Unconscious thoughts
Reversing into the the conscious vibe of nothingness
Flattened emotions
So as to interpret them
Into the trivial language
We use.
This language
Rationalizes our creativity.
But even that is rational,
So don't.
And paint your life on a canvas of a lifetime.
In any case,
We take ideas
And put them into people
But the people have no clue,
So how are they supposed to be that perfection?
Unless they really are,
In which case

[Post from yesterday: I agree with Freud. Today: I still do.
(I always have.)]

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

[could have been]


Monday, February 18, 2008

"you can be Sophie"

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The harmony is god.
God IS the harmony
God is IN the pieces of the harmony.
He is not OUTSIDE of our world,
but WITHIN it.
And his intention-
The natural way life is supposed to be-
The basic necessity of nature's laws-
is the Harmony.
I think.
And the colors are all supposed to go together in a rhythmic tone.
I think maybe each color in our spectum represents a certain side of the harmonious life
And together they must go together in some sort of measure,
The perfect amount and shade of each one
To create some sort of Harmony.
Our free minds are imprisoned inside a mechanic body.

The freer our minds are and the more glued we are to this world of Matter,
The bigger the gap will be between ambition and ability-
The greater the enthusiasm and the greater the restraint-
The more intolerable is the frustration and being locked up
While having your mind want to do so much.

Can't we break through these walls of conception to let our inner selves fulfill their lifelong motivation and desire? It's like an orgasmic volcano erupting, but the ceiling of the volcano is locked shut... So we die, having done nothing, having not broken open the doors.
Having not looked beyond...

We are living a square of ritualistic conceptions
Because you are all too afraid to go outside the cube of what seems to be a complete life.
It is only a temporary safety,

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

[One comes and one goes
Like the sun in the sky
With no permanence
Just the brush of a breath
And I'm all over the place,
Just the sound of a voice
And I'm new to this world...]

Friday, February 01, 2008

Okay, so my art project will have two parts:

1) התכלית האמיתית של העולם מבוססת על הדברים הנסתרים שבתוך ההמולה האינסופית

2) מאחורי המהומה של העולם יש רובד של שלווה ויופי, ולו היינו יכולים לתפוס את הרובד הזה, חיינו היו יותר שלווים ויפים.