Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My littler cousin: Did you notice that I kissed you when you were sleeping?

(soo cute!)

So far I've taken about 900 photos. I assume I'll have over 1,000 by the time I get home. It's kind of scary when my Whole summer trip is on one little memory card, and anything could happen to it...

I would love love love love love more than anything if my blog was made into a book. Like a binded/spiral book, on nice paper, in color, including all my drafts that I didn't publish as a post, and I want it to be yearly books (I started in Feb of '06) so there would be 3 books: 2006, 2007, 2008. For my birthday, that would be the best birthday present Ever ever. But not a surprise- cuz I would want to decide how it'll look and be arranged. It's probably a ton of money, cuz it'll be a lot of work to put it all together (if we were to hire the booking company to do the whole thing- with our guidance), so that's why ppl should pitch in for this as a bday present :) or else I'll have to wait till I'm rich or till I marry someone rich.

Monday, July 28, 2008

One more day in Jersey

Thursday got here. AS picked me up from JFK airport, we drove to where AR and the boys were- the museum of the moving image. Then we went bowling at a really col bowling place and after that aunt judy took us out for dinner at a nice little italian place. fettuccine alfredo- duh. Friday we hung out at the pool most of the afternoon.
Friday evening (Shabbat) we went out and watched the sunset, had a really yummy dinner. Went to sleep.
Shabbat UJ came over and they all went to the pool to swim. I sat by and read the book. Was pleasant and relaxing. For dinner Shari W. came over. Was a very yummy dinner!
Sunday went to the Valley Shepherd sheep farm, where they produce sheep milk and cheese. We even got to tasta some! Yummy. And I got to hold a baby lamb- only 3 days old! Liek a tony baby, just matted with dirt.
Monday (today) we went into NYC, to the Guggenheim museum of art. It was a display of the art of Louise Bourgois, a contemporary artist who's now 96. Was a nice exhibit.
For dinner, had a cheese calzone, and for dessert a strawberry cheesecake (YUM) in Grand Central Station in NYC.
Today, b"h, we'll be going to the Bronx zoo.
On Tuesday hopefully the Bronx art museum.
And on Wednesday I'm off to Chicago.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Two questions I've been wondering about for as long as I can remember

* Do you have to be willing to sacrifice everything for something in order for it mean you believe in it? I mean what if you believe in doing something but only up to a certain point, does that count? Like once you're in trouble it doesn't stand anymore- so does that means you never believed in it? Do you have to be willing to do Anything to not go against it in order for it to be one of your morals? For example- if someone believes all Jews belong in Israel, but will flee from the country if there is a war, does that mean they are a hypocrite? Do they have to be willing to DIE for it?

* Does something Have to be hard in order for it to be the Right thing? That's not exactly what I mean. What I mean is, if you were brought up in a certain way, it becomes easy for you. Do you have to start making it hard in order for it to be real? If everything is easy- how do you know it's right? For example- religion. If I'm happy the way I'm doing things, but I don't really have to work Hard or Resist anything, does that mean I'm not trying? Well- if I'm not trying, does that mean I'm not doing it Right? Because sometimes I wonder if maybe I should try hard to do something Hard, something Different, but not necessarily because I believe in it. Just because it's hard. I was raised in a certain way, so it's my life, so I'm used to it, so it's not hard.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Arrived here Monday afternoon. Took the T to B's work. When he finished working we took the T back to his place. At night I watched Across the Universe here, and then went to sleep...
Tuesday morning B went to work, and a few hours later I walked a couple of blocks to Harvard St., where there are stores. Shopped at TJMaxx (I Love Peace bag), Staples (new earphones), Blockbuster (bought Across the Universe and the second season of Will and Grace). Later that afternoon B got back (early) from work and we took the train to Mansfield. We didn't take his bike cuz there was a chance of a thunderstorm. We got there, and when I entered it was like entering a dream. First there was a warm-up band- "jet-black stare", and then finally Hinder came on. There first song, like I thought it would be, was How Long. Then they played a couple more from their first album (including Better Than Me and Lips of an Angel) and some of their new stuff that didn't come out yet. Then there was Staind. I didn't know most of there stuff, 'cept for a few, which are some of their best- Outside, It's Been a While and So Far Away! Last, but most important, was 3 DOORS DOWN!!! I couldn't believe it was true. This was amazing. Perfect. Anyway, we had a slight problem. The last train back was early- we would've had to leave before 3 Doors Down. So B decided he'll take the train back and rent a car and come back and get me, so that I'll be able to stay till the end. Well, it was AMAZING. They played all the best, including Be Like That, Kryptonite, Away From the Sun and Here Without You!
When it was over (at 11), B wasn't even home yet, so I knew I'd be waiting a while. As it turned out, it was raining, but it was fun walkin around in the rain. There was no public place to sit in, cuz we were in a small town, so I just stodd outside. Finally at 1, he came, which was good.
What a night.
Yesterday (Wednesday) I went to see the new movie Mama Mia with Tristyn while B was at work. Was a really great, fun and colorful movie!!
At night we took a bus (Me, B, Tristyn and some friends of theirs) to Cambridge- to the Cantab Lounge. Upstairs there's jazz music and downstairs there's poetry reading. It was great (I love poetry, duh).
It's almost 8, and I have to leave in 20 minutes. I'm off to NY/NJ!


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Florida part 6: Judge Judy's wit

Today we went to "Butterfly World". I wanted to go because a) I love butterflies, and b) I wanted to get some good shots of them, since in Israel it's hard to find ones that don't camouflage with the backgrounds. There were butterflies of all colors, orange, brown, yellow, purple, blue, and these beautiful white fairy-butterflies that wouldn't stay still for a second so I couldn't snap any shots of them. But I did get about two dozen Beautiful photos of butterflies, birds and flowers/plants, and another three dozen not-so-amazing ones, so I'm happy about all that! :)

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Boston. I'm really excited abotu that, but I'm sure gonna miss it here! I've had an amazing 11 days, and I hope I can come back soon. I'm thinking when I finish the army I'll come for a couple of months before I start university/art school.
Anyway, we did lots of fun things: "Wall-E" and "Sex and the City" (and another movie in the house), book-shopping and clothes-shopping, restaurants (Jon's Pizza and Eilat Cafe), a lot of TV (Judge Judy, Family Feud, Makeover shows, Clean House, Parental Control, half of Prime, etc.), ping-pong in the clubhouse, photographing, taking care of cats/a cat dying, Friday night dinners, seeing third-cousin Jennifer, The Fab Four (Beatles inpersonation) and some more stuff I can't rememebr right now.

It was completely relaxing, liberating and reviving!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Florida part 5: Steak and a martini for dinner

Today we saw the movie "Sex adn the City". Was really fun, sylish and funny.

I've been getting shots of the sunsets here. The other night was like blueberry cream mixed with hot fire. Now it's smooth blueberry custard and orange streaks, swirling around the hot sun. Seems to be a lot of that blue-gray and orange here. One night there was also rose-pink and maybe some raspberry or blackberry-purple.
And there's the palm tree in front which adds a sharp sillhouetted element, which is really nice.

After it rains here, the cloud formations are stunning. Thick puffs of whiteness sitting in the sky like miles of a mountain.

I wanted to go to Butterfly World today, to see my beloved butterflies and to hopefully get some great shots of them. Back home I've been trying to get photos of butterflies for a really long time, but I never got a really good one. So I figured what better an oppurtunity than to be in Butterfly World, with them flying around me, in different shades and colors. Oh, wonderful!
In the end it rained so we didn't go, but hopefully we'll go before I leave to Boston.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Florida part 4: Rescheduling a weekload of dinners because of a new york-style strawberry cheesecake

A few things really bother me, that I'm repeatedly noticing now:

First- a fucking exaggerated interest in money, fame and materiality. I flip through the TV shows and yeah they're fun to watch but I seriously say to msyelf- What The Fuck- with capital letters in my brain. "How Do I Look?" "Makeover" "Parental Control", and many more reality shows. Angelina Jolie selling her twin's pictures for over $10,ooo,ooo. And the TV guide channel hasn't quitted yapping about them for two days. "Yes," he says. "We all share the excitement of the Brangelina bunch!" Yes, we've never seen twins before. Yes, this is so SO fucking exicting because Brad and Anglina are celebs and they are so to0tally more important than everyone, and their babies are SO much more important than everybody. "And," he says with a smile, "We're all waiting with anticipation to see these two babies" WHO will never get a private minute in their lives, and the paparazzi will stalk their ordinary human selves who have been escalated to a Godly level. Magazines and magazines about celebs- this one's on drugs, this one's pregant, this one's cheating, that one's bolemic. That one's house was $20,000,000. And people buy these mags every single day, flip through to get the newest feeds on plastic people with plastic boobs in a plastic world of Fucking Fame. And everybody is like this now- not just the celebs, but ordinary American girls. You see them on all those reality shows. For instance, on "Parental Control" when you see these BITCHY bitchy girlfriends who are snapping at everyone and "I am the hottest girl you will ever lay eyes on" and they go on and on and "OMFG I'm so totally not skinny enough, I mean I'm 110 pounds, oh GOD!"
Now please say to yourself- what the fuck?
On the show "How Do I Look?" They take these people who according to them are fashinabally in the dumps and they give the ma makeover. They make them look liek them. So they brought in this Bohemian hippie with dreads, and they transformed her into an American girl, with the modern clothes and handbag and haircut.
Oh god, that's just like in the Dr. Suess books, with the star-bellied sneetches. Read the book.
I was so sad. I mean here we had this amazing individualist-humanitarian, and her friends wanted to change her look, saying "You're an amazing person doing amazing things and I just want people to respect you more, so you need a different look". But I think- why make it be that you can only respect those who dress liek you? That's the whole point- they should respect her individualism and be inspired by it. But now, we're crushing everyone into the same square because otherwise aparently they fucking won't be *respected*. Oh, bullshit. What the hell is all this???!?! I'm appalled. Maybe she wanted people to know that you can be a hippie while saving the world. You don't need to a be a model wit high-heeled and a flashy pink handbag.
No one fucking gets that, HUH?

Another thing that annoyes me is reform Judaism. But I won't get into that now.
Really that first thing was the thing that annoyed me most.
And after I watched that hippie country girl, who made her own unique clothes out of fabric, turn into an American modern-day tight-clothed flashy woman, I was so upset and so mad and so annoyed and so saddened by the truth that is America.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Florida part 1

Driving back from the airport, the car on a highway, there is a lot of green, and there are palm trees. Blue. Clear sky. The two grandparents who I love- in front. Me in back, safe, happy.
My grandmother talks about her cousin and his wife, two odd people, and their granddaughter. she said the granddaughter (my third cousin) is visiting now, so I'll meet her. She said how her cousin's wife thinks his granddaughter (my third cousin) is the most beautiful girl in the world.
-Can't blame them. My grandmother said that.
I agreed
-But they only think that she's the most wonderful. But I know that you are.

And a flashback- well actually a few- my grandmother said, in a scene of the palm tree state with a background of green and blue and Beauty, -Every grandparent thinks their grandchildren are the best, but only I'm right.

So I'm here, with two people that I love. And I realize now that since I was young there were a whole bunch of things that they said that showed that they looked down on some stuff that we do, but you know what? I never cared. Because I love them. I simply do. And even now, even right this second, I love them and don't know how I manage without them for whole years at a time.

They are the best grandparents in the world. (expet for my other grandparents, too)And even though other people may say that their grandparents are better, they are wrong. And only I'm right.

Because eveyone else THINKS they have the best ones,

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I think I have insomnia