Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm in Highland Park, Illinois with Saba and Savta.
Gilad told me to take pictures of everything, airport, airplane, scenery from airplane, people on airplane, etc. He never flew out of the country and he wants to see what I experienced. So I've been taking pictures of everything, I even took a video of the walk down to the beach from their backyard, though the trees, on the trail.
I feel so much better knowing that I'll be calling him every few days (both sets of grandparents have special phone deals to Israel). I thought I would only call him on Fridays but turns out I'll talk to him a lot more, which makes me less nervous.
That's about it for now.
I love this house. And I'm trying to enjoy every minute.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Today I'm flying to the United States

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

החיים האלה

אני לוקחת את החיים ברצינות מדי וזה גורם לי להרגיש מוזר, כאילו לא אמיתי, כאילו שאני מנפחת משהו הבלי.
אני מתייחסת לרגשות ולדברים שבי בתור איזה משהו שאני צריכה לקחת ברצינות ולהתייחס אליהם בכבוד. למשל, לא לחלוק עם העולם את הכל- לשמור דברים בפנים או לגלות אותם לאנשים מסויימים, ואז, כשאני מגלה אותם, זה קשה לי, ואני מדברת עליהם כאילו שהם באמת דברים חשובים, כאילו שכל הסודות שלי זה משהו חשוב כל כך. אוף אני לא יודעת איך להסביר את עצמי. אבל זה כאילו שאני מתייחסת לסודות שלי בתור איזה משהו עדין ושבריר, וזה לוקח מאמץ מנטלי לספר אותם, כאילו שאני צריכה לפנות להם זמן מיוחד. ואני מדברת עליהם כאילו שזה משנה משהו

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

אני רוצה לכתוב על הטיול שלנו בצפון. בהתחלה בקצרה בעברית ואז בהרחבה באנגלית:

ביום שני יצאנו (5) לגליל, לכרמיאל. משם התחלנו את הטיול שלנו. מישהו שפגשנו בדרך הציע שנישן ביישוב היהודי טפחות. אז טיילנו לטפחות וישנו שם בסניף שלהם, ובבוקר במקום לטייל ברגל לכנרת לקחנו טרמפ, כי שלוש מהבנות החליטו שהן רוצות ללכת הביתה אתמול ולא היום. בילינו כמה שעות בטיילת בטבריה ועל החוף, גלידה, אייס קפה, חופשה כייפית לאללה! ואז טרמפים הביתה מצומת צמח. אולי אני אשים כמה תמונות

We decided to go up north to the Galil this week. In the end we decided to walk from Carmi'el (which is about 20 km east of Ako- it's in between Ako and the Kinneret) to the Kinneret, in two days. We decided on a random campsite to sleep in on Monday night. How can I describe how special it is to hike in Israel? I must have met 15 new nice ppl. When we left Carmi'el we kind of got lost and were walking on the wrong path. A young Israeli in a run-down old stickshift car stopped for us and for like 15 minutes told me how we should go, with the map open up on his steering wheel and my head halfway in his window talking to him and trying to figure out what to do. He asked if we're only girls and when we said yeah he said we havta be careful! He said we're best off sleeping in a little Jewish yishuv called Tfachot, which is in next to M'rar and he showed us a different trail we could take instead of the one we'd been trying to take, and then he gave all five of us a lift (with our big backpacks and everything) up the hill, through a bedouin yishuv, the car tuttering along, being pulled back by the heavy weight. I sat in front cuz I was holding the map. He dropped us off by the bottom of Ma'ale Tzviya and told us how to go in order to meet up with the black simun. We hiked from there through olive pastures and finally found the blue simun (which came after the balck simun, we missed the black one), right outside the Arab yishuv Salama. From there we hiked to Tfachot (a religious yishuv) and got there around 20:00. It's a tiny little sweet yishuv, and we walked in the gate and didn't really know where to sleep, so while two girls went to find grass, we sat on the sidewalk. And it just so happened that the rakezet of the yishuv passed by and asked us where we're from and we explained about the tiyul we're doing and she said if we want to sleep in the Bnei Akiva sneef we should give her a call (she gave me her number). People asked us how we got there and said we kidna don't know, we just got there. We ate supper on the grass, but then deicded to call her and ask for the sneef. She said we should come to the street, so Liora and I did and she told us to jump on the back of her pickup, she drove the komonarit home (she was in the car with her) so that the komonarit could get the keys to open up the sneef for us. Turns out she lives near us in the merkaz... In any case she was really nice. We slept there. We also met some locals who gave us a package of fruits and offered us to sleep and shower in their house...
In the morning we waited for trempim to Tverya. Alina and Sacha took one and Ellie and I waited for another like two hours (there are only 60-something families in T'fachot, most of them drove out in the morning but mostly not to Tverya). In the meantime I spoke to some soldiers who were there (they wanted to read my newspaper when I was done so I gave it to them and then when I explained how we got there they said we're mastulim, and we got some helpful info from a Charedi soldier who was also waiting for a a tremp, and then when a woman was leaving her house into a car he asked where she's going and if she could take "shtei hatzadikot ha'ele" and he told us to be careful! The woman who drove us (barefoot) is originally from the Gush (I spoke to her). And on another note- the relations between the Jews of Tfachot and the Arabs of M'rar are really good, the Jews buy all their food there.
She drove us to Tzomet Golani and from there we took a bus to Tverya. In Tverya the four of us (Liora had gotten a trempt that morning from the yishuv to JM and went home) hung out on the tayelet and on the beach (where I saved the Kinneret; There was a gush of sewage water pouring into the Kinneret for over an hour, and when it started I called Tverya's iriya (municipality) twice and they said they sent someone...). We ate ice cream/frozen yogurt and ice coffee and had a real "vacation"! It was totally fun!! =)
Then we took a bus to Tzomet Tzemach (south side of the Kinneret) and from there tremping home (to Jm).
I probably forgot some details and all sorts of people we met.
It's fun taking trempim; you meet the people driving the cars and you meet the people waiting at the trempiyada.

פתאום נזכרתי במישהו צעיר שראינו בטרמפיידה בצ.צמח. היה לו כוס קולה עם מכסה וקשית מבורגר קינג, ומה-זה היה בא לי שלוק אבל לא העזתי לשאול, ברור שלא. אחרי איזה שתי דקות הוא שאל אותי אם אני רוצה את זה כי הוא תיכנן לזרוק את זה. ברור שלקחתי! איזה מרענן זה היה ביום החם הזה!