Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We are so different.
The similarities between us are only results of points in which we are different.
I didn't foresee at the beginning that we would have to work on it so much.
But I know that in the end it will be so wonderful, that it's worth all the effort and patience.

I wonder...
After you don't see someone for a while, even if it's the love of your life or someone you've known forever, the first seconds back with them are a little weird, and then slowly you get reconnected. So I wonder if it's like that with married people too (well, I suppose it is, because you don't all of a sudden become someone else when you get married) and if it's like that on your wedding day, after you haven't seen him for a week. If there's that moment of awkwardness, even though it's a day of fundamental connection and unity, when everyone is there just to celebrate the Two of you becoming One.

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*Astrea* said...

i think we're so accustomed to the idea of marriage and lve that we never stop much to think about the fact that this is TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE who are supposed to become one. and how bizzare that is, and how weird, and what a wonderful miracle it takes to make it work.
i think understanding that it's meant to be hard is half the solution.

and i bet that at your wedding, after that week, he'll be coming towards you and you wont be thinking about the weirdness. i think that you'll have that amazing sensation of coming home.