Saturday, December 05, 2009

They can take away my physical freedom but they can never never take away my thoughts. My thoughts are mine. In my head. And they can soar freely, and nobody can know, nobody can tell me to stop thinking.

As a flutter of a bird on the rooftop of my life,
As a cloud above us all, As a sky as blue as Hope,
My thoughts are free to roam, free to feel, free to Be,
And in them I am me, me with You, You with Me.

As a change of wind, a strike of air,
A beauty in the summer,
A raindrop pure as Love,
A wave of inspiration,
a delicate happiness,
My thoughts are free to smile, free to laugh,
Free to sing.

Oh, they sing.

They sing the melodies of what sweetness could be out of this place.
The sweetness that will come when time allows.

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