Sunday, October 17, 2010

Can you just tell me WHY? She demanded, with her dry voice. It barely reached the back wall. It skidded through the air like a sandy ribbon, and he didn't hear her.
Can you just tell me WHY? She screamed, this time the sound of her filled the corners. He turned but his face was no longer visible to her. She reached out her arms and tried to lift her legs to stretch toward him but he kept getting farther and farther away, the back wall kept distancing from her in lonely footsteps. She was like a fragment of the peeling paint, glued, stiffened, no way, no way. No way, this can't be happening, she tried to think, but even that was strained and rusty. her mind was sad. Again. She was so much older than how it was when she was younger, back in the days... I'm thirty? She thought... If only she could go back to being normal again. She wished. It was hard to wish when she knew where she was.
And there she was again, in it. In the page. On the page, stuck, plastered to the white one she resented. Page numer 65, in the middle. Out, get me OUT! She demanded again to that wall, he flew away, she knew he loved her but she knew she didn't know other stuff, like her human weaknesses. It was time for dinner, they were calling, but she was there and he was there, but not.
I donno, what is there to eat? The wall saddened her and she again became small but with emotions as big as a hurricane. Puny, with a mind as wide as a whole dimension.
Yeah, it was definitely her again, in the thing. On the page.

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