Monday, October 25, 2010

Set the Fire to the Third Bar > Snow Patrol

I'm miles from where you are

I lay down on the cold ground

I pray that something picks me up

And sets me down in your warm arms.

My stomache hurts and has been for the last two hours because I drank something with milk, and I was just at the Gush Katif museum with my mother and it was very sad, and now I'm crying as I sing this song, because Gilad is really very far for way too long and I need him need him need him with me, and it seems like he's been gone for so long, even though it's "only" been a week...

I think I miss him more than I used to. I really feel like I NEED to feel the creases in his sweatshirt on my cheek.


kerte said...

add music in this picture...

oi va vo - Ladino Song

FP said...

Your blog is interesting. I hope to come back often.
Good luck