Thursday, December 23, 2010

I ate yummy Foulds Mac&Cheese, I made it really well but I ate it really fast.
i got a 1,200 shekel bill of arnona to the house even though we got an exemption from paying arnona.
And I just know I had stuff to do but I seem to be sitting here
wanting to start something, or continue something.
I want to bring paper recycling to the base, it's really important to me,
but I have to find out first if there already is.
And I'm waiting to know if my Gil will be coming home to me tomorrow :)
I'm so totally hoping that YES!
And then I can let everything relax again in the palms of his hands.
And I won't feel locked down to sitting here.
I can't seem to get up and DO something.
Oh well.
I need to start my dent in the world.

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