Sunday, February 13, 2011

When I think of the night we came to our apartment together after the wedding, the first night of living together in this sweet apartment which had been piling up our Things and clothes for weeks waiting for our joint arrival, I feel that now (almost 6 months later) I'm even more excited than back then everytime I near you.
It was crazy exciting back then (almost 6 months ago), getting here after such a fun, emotional and meaningful night (the Wedding), being able to melt in your arms and know that it's forever, that your face in the mirror of my mind is mine and is perfect for me, and being able to go to sleep with the love of my life wrapping me in his warm being FoReVeR.
But now, now it's even More.
I feel that it's even more exciting and close and intimate when I'm close to you now, this love is so insanely Divine and Sacred.

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LearningByReading said...

Where soul meets body...I can not think of a more apt phrase :)