Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Two years ago, during one of the many times we were in his room on his bed in our united closeness, I snatched a thought (from the storage room of artistry) and wished there was a camera up on the ceiling, snapping us from straight above, because our figures were pretzeled together in a beautiful position that can only be meshed and found after a long time of cuddling and slowly morphing and melting into something new.
Since then I've found ourselves in numerous space-moldings and volumes of negative and positive area, and I've many times wished I could place a camera right above us. And I realized something more.
I imagined the finished project, the exhibit of this artwork, the photos in a long row, and the different strokes of twobodylovers, and how they changed and developed and became more close over time. To learn of the intimacy through the timeline of the shapes of us.

Should I write this here on blogger? What if someone steals my idea… :-/

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